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Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V

Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

This is a customized guitar, it was made according to our customer's requests, if you don't like the settings of this guitar, and want a personalized body shape, finish, logo, woods or hardware, please email us to place the order.



 Our Customized Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V Specs




Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V

Body wood


Neck wood







Black Block inlays 

Scale Length 







2 Volume, 2 Tone, 1Mini


Bass Bridge


Black finish  




White Hardware  


Manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, this Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V became an electric bass to earn widespread attention and use quickly. A revolutionary instrument, the Fender Jazz Bass V has made an immeasurable impact on the sound of popular music ever since. To this day, the Precision Bass is among the best-selling electric basses of all time. Five weeks ago, we received an order from Mr.Igor Nikolaevich Boytsov, a regular of our custom shop. He showed us some pictures about the original Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V guitar and asked us to make a replica. We are surly glad to it for him. One photo for reference as shown below. 


How is our custom made Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V?


The Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V has a cool looks with sexy black finish, together with its heavy relic aging looks and soulfully tone, making it one of the most appealing basses. However, its limited edition disappointed many guitar players. In order to realize the Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V guitar players’ dream, we spent long time researching the background information and selecting the first-class materials, finally recreated the Fender Jazz Deluxe V, which looks exactly like the original Fender Jazz Bass V guitar. More detailed information may see in pictures below.



We choose Alder wood to make the Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe V guitar body that is medium to light in weight with soft tight pores and a light tan color which can sometimes exhibit large swirling grain patterns and rings, then put on smoothly polished maple neck, after the aged black Nitrocellulose Finish, Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V shows out just same as the original. The very important working process is the relic. It request our relic technician carefully observe, repeatedly carve, integrated use variety of techniques to re-create Fender Jazz Bass V down to the last authentic detail. 



With painstaking attention to details and 100% quality assured nitrolacquer, under our excellent craftsman’s exquisite craftsmanship, our Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V gives people a natural vintage feel. The aged fretboard and hardware shows the nostalgia for a past age....This custom made Fender Jazz Bass V features a maple neck topped with maple fingerboard, 21 medium jumbo frets and black block inlays.  



This customized Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V exactly followed the original guitar's specifications. The body construction is bolt-on construction fixed with four bolts and S/S Pickup Configuration. And the Fender Jazz Deluxe V has the same Asymmetrical "C" neck Shape as the original one. This is a very salient characteristic of this guitar, we fully inherited the characteristics of the original Fender Jazz Bass V.


To make 1:1 replica of this Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V, our professional guitar relic technique was the corner-stone of the success. Focus on the details , carefully follow the original guitar, engraving and aquatint inch by inch, delicate paint finish, our custom made Fender Jazz Deluxe V didn’t miss any detail. Inlays and colors as well as the guitar’s other detail maybe designed according to your preference. If you are interested in this Fender Jazz Bass V, here some other pictures to help you learn more detailed information!  







Notice For All Buyers:
Thank you for your attention. Here are something you might want to know about this guitar.

1. This guitar is available in both right handed and left handed version. Even it is not showing in lefty version, we still able to customize this guitar in left handed for you. You just have to tell us when you place the order.

2. If you want to place the order, just send us email, we will help you to place your customize order.

Follow me to see how much we already done for you and some thing you should know.

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