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This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

This is a customized guitar, it was made according to our customer's requests, if you don't like the settings of this guitar, and want a personalized body shape, finish, logo, woods or hardware, please email us to place the order.





In 1993, Fender purchased some aluminum bodies and had some engraved for the 1993 NAMM show. In 1994, Fender made approximately 400 American Standard Stratocasters and 100 American Standard Telecasters anodized in three colors. There was a blue tie-dye, a purple tie-dye and an American flag  pattern for Fender's 40th Anniversary. Unfortunately, Fender didn't keep records of how many were made in each color. Fender Aluminum

Aluminums Unwrapped

By Ward Meeker & Joseph Schneider

Part of the guitar collector’s creed (an unwritten, unofficial entity, to be sure) includes axioms such as “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” or “The right to pursue whatever makes you happy...” Basically, there are no rules, and the hobby lends itself to an amazing array of personal tendencies within one very defined element. Some chase ’Bursts, others pre-war Martins, D’Angelico’s, etc.

For some, happiness is an aluminum-bodied Fender. Fender made the aluminum-bodied Harley Davidson Stratocaster in 1993 and later its metal brother, the Freddy Tavares Aloha Stratocaster. Both instruments featured engraved, chrome-plated aluminum bodies.

But in 1994, Fender’s Arizona factory produced a small number of aluminum American Standard Stratocasters and a much smaller number of aluminum American Standard Telecasters in three unique anodized finishes – purple marble, blue marble and red, silver and blue flag – which gave the guitars an indescribably unique appearance to match the singular sound produced by their hollow bodies. They are unlike anything Fender produced before or since.

In addition to the aluminum American Standards, Fender made three other unusual aluminum-bodied Stratocasters in its California custom shop. The first has a shiny, chromed body, like the Harley, with a black Custom Shop pickguard and black headstock. A near mirror image is the jet black aluminum Strat, with its black body, chrome pickguard and black headstock. Only six were made. The third is green, with chaotic black lines and gold catsup bottle swirls.

Joe Schneider, a collector in Hollywood, Florida, is the only person known to have compiled the complete nine-guitar set, in a labor of love that spanned several years and included a detailed nationwide search.

Schneider’s first aluminum was the purple Strat, which he bought from ABE Music, in Miami.

“The owner had it put aside for two years, intending to keep it for himself,” he said.

The dealer told Schneider that in addition to being made in limited numbers, many of the aluminums had small flaws (dents caused by the molded interior of their cases), and when many dealers returned them to Fender, the guitars were deemed irreparable and thus were replaced under warranty.

After acquiring his first aluminum, Schneider immediately contacted Fender customer service to get the full story on the metal rarity. Fender customer service representative Bob Wilex told Schneider that although exact production figures were unavailable, Fender manufactured approximately 400 aluminum Stratocasters and 100 aluminum Telecasters. Wilex also explained the history of the three finishes and said Fender has no plans to make more aluminums.

Schneider was later told (by non-Fender sources) that Fender was no longer purchasing aluminum bodies from the manufacturer. And in fact, dealers were selling unfinished aluminum bodies at guitar shows.

After his conversation with Wilex, Schneider set about tracking down one aluminum American Standard in each finish.

“I started by calling local music stores. One Fort Lauderdale store had a flag Stratocaster that was on layaway for a year,” he said. “It had added some features I didn’t see on the others – a 40th anniversary Stratocaster pin on the headstock and an engraved 40th anniversary neck plate.”

Schneider then started calling music stores around the country. Many of the dealers he spoke to didn’t even know Fender made aluminum guitars, and several who received aluminums sent them back to Fender because of defects. Still others had recently sold their entire stock.

Scouring the country, Schneider eventually found all the aluminums, except the purple Telecaster. Through a major sleuthing effort, he learned about a former Virginia music store employee who had one.

“When I finally tracked him down,” Schneider said. ”He told me ‘I know what I got and I ain’t selling.’”

Finally, Schneider placed a want ad in VG, and he quickly received a message on his answering machine from someone in Rochester, New York, who had a purple Tele.

“I thought my friends were playing a trick on me,” he said. “But sure enough, when I called, the voice on the recorder was real, and the set was completed.”

When Ron Bicknell, manager of the Hallandale (Florida) Guitar Center, heard about the collection, he asked Schneider to put it on display. Guitar Center circulated a press release nationwide, and the collection was exhibited at the store from February 1 through April 30 of this year. It generated worldwide attention, and people from around the country, as well as collectors in England, Japan, Germany and Singapore, contacted Schneider about the aluminums.

“One caller told me he drove through 16 states in search of an aluminum Telecaster,” Schneider said. “And he didn’t find one.”

Many callers sought advice, others talked about their one-of-a-kind aluminum Stratocasters, ordered from the Fender Custom Shop.

Schneider is often asked how the aluminums sound.

“Through an amplifier, they sound just as good as any other American Standard Stratocaster or Telecaster. Without an amp, they have a nice, resonant, acoustic quality. The playability is also similar to their wooden counterparts, except aluminums are comfortably lighter.

“The necks on the Custom Shop Strats are highly-figured maple,“ he added. “The jet black and chrome Strats have ebony fingerboards and play well with a slide. The aluminum American Standards have maple necks, with and without rosewood fingerboards.”

The Fender aluminums are a rare anomaly that likely will never be reproduced, but they will certainly continue to pique the interest of guitar enthusiasts well into the future.

The Stars and Stripes (a.k.a Flag) Tele and Strat.

This article originally appeared in Vintage Guitar Magazine Jul. ’97 issue.


Custom Fender STRATOCASTER THE FLAG ALUMINUM BODY 1994 Electric Guitar



Good news for Fender guitars' fans and collectors! We supply custom service of the Fender STRATOCASTER THE FLAG ALUMINUM BODY 1994 Electric Guitar. Compared with other guitar custom shops, our custom shop has the following advantages!


Lower Custom Price---With just several hundred dollars, you can own one Fender STRATOCASTER THE FLAG ALUMINUM BODY 1994 Electric Guitar completely like the original(But in other custom shops, the custom price for one Fender STRATOCASTER THE FLAG ALUMINUM BODY 1994 Electric Guitar reaches thounds of dollars).


Shorter Building Time---Unlike other custom shops with at least 2 months building time, we can usually finish one guitar around 25 working days.


Real Zero-Risk---To show our sincerity, when customizing Fender STRATOCASTER THE FLAG ALUMINUM BODY 1994 Electric Guitar. After we complete your guitar, we will take some HD pictures and send them for your inference. And if you are not satisfied, you can demand us to make progress again and again untill the guitar is perfect for you, or demand us to refund you. 
Higher Quality----Since years ago, our Custom Shop has been a "dream factory" producing all kinds of guitar copies from top players of each time. We dare not say our copies are as good as originals, but they are more attractive in price. 
Facing such a guitar custom shop with Lower Custom Price, Shorter Building Time and Higher Quality... If you are just looking for a custom shop for your dream guitar, why not give it a shot?----Zero-Risk!!!





 Aiming to build your dream guitar!


Except the copies of guitars from famous players, most of the guitars that we build are custom-made based on the customers’ needs. There are so many different options and variables that it doesn’t make sense to have a standardized order form. The best way to go about obtaining this information is for you to contact us and let us know what it is that you’re looking for. We can discuss these options and figure out what is best for you. Your business is important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service we are capable of. We want this to be the best guitar-buying experience you’ve ever had.


And please, don’t be shy if have any questions about our guitar. And don't be afraid to bring us troubles. Our customer service staff and other workers are pleasant to exchange with our customers, as they can learn new knowledge and get some exercise from the process.



 How we guarantee the quality



We are a small but professional guitar custom shop,and we have established a set of controllable processing system to ensure the quality.



1. About the the wood quality 


First, we can guarantee the wood nature similar to the original, and more important, all our woods are carefully selected, we never use woods with scars or those muti-pieces with different colors, we control the timber water strictly before building the guitar, and we have professional water test to check the moisture of wood we will use.


2. About abrading and polishing quality 


Paint performance depends on the smoothness of the abrading and polishing, the more smooth you abrade and polish, the more smooth the paint surface will be, There are two polishing methods: polished by machine and polished by hand, If you want to get a perfectly smooth finish, you have to spend much more time on polishing by hand. Some manufacturers wouldn’t like to spend time to do the abrading and polishing carefully and patiently, and you will find the surface are particularly uneven, especially the back of the guitar. We promise our guitar will have no such issues.


3. About the painting


Generally, the varnish is sprayed up to 3 times ar the most, but we usually spray at least five times, although it will take more costs and time, we can guarantee the paint surface will be exceptionally bright.


4. Fret End Beveling 


We particularly pay attention to the the details of the fretwire, especially the fretwire ends, never let the customers feel uncomfortable.


Typically the ends of the frets where they meet the edge of the fretboard a very sharp when the frets are first installed.  Most players at least once have played a guitar that had sharp fret ends. It is really uncomfortable to say the least and in extreme cases can actually cut your hand. Very skilled builders will take a great deal of time to round the edges of the fret as well as make sure that the fret end itself is in line with the edge of the fretboard and not protruding where it catches a players hand. This makes a world of difference in how the guitar feels. Master builders will spend a great deal of time to round off sharp edges, blending the fret into the edge of the fretboard.


During this step, handworking can not be replaced by the machine, a skilled luthier have to spend at least 4-8 hours to make sure of the perfectness of the Fret End Beveling, so the manpower cost here is very high. Some low-end guitar sellers usually spend only serval minutes on this point, just want to reduce the cost, We here can promise that we will try our best to do a careful job on this point at any cost, we know this is very important to our customers's satisfaction! 


5. Special carbon fiber nut and bone nut


The nut we use is carbon fiber nut and bone nut, not the low-quality plastic nut. As we all know, the guitar sound is not only related with the materials, the craftsmanship, the string quality, the playing skill, but also with nut quality, which is always neglected by many factories, the common plastic nut make the sound week, muffled, as well as short after sound, but the carbon fiber nut and bone nut give us powerful and bright sound, also with long after sound.


Many upscale guitars are built with animal bones, and facts also prove that animal bones can remarkably improve the volume and the tone, carbon fiber nut will be better than plastic, although can not be compared with the bones, but also has great positive impact on the volume and the tone. The common color is black! 


6. Real Construction


We can make sure of the authenticity of the guitar construction, especially the the construction of neck thru guitars, which has great stability. 


Neck-thru construction allows easier access to upper frets, because there is no need for a heel — the thickened area where a neck would "bolt-on" (although technically, 3-6 large screws are used) to the body. Many musicians assert that neck-through construction provides greater sustain and allows the instrument to stay in tune longer.


Just because of the advantages above, the cost of neck thru guitar is rather high, unless it’s a transparent guitar, you can not tell any differences between the neck thru and the set in construction just from the appearance, So some other factories will take the set in guitar to deceive the customers, so that they can lower the cost, but you needn’t worry about anything if you choose us, we will keep you updated all the time during the building and take pictures for you before the building to show the authenticity of the construction, you can also remove the pickups to check this through the cavity. 


6. About delivery date


Really sorry that we cannot deliver the guitar so fast , we will start building the guitar as soon we receive your payment. we are just a small professional and personalized guitar custom shop, not a big factory, And only in this way, can we build a unique special guitar which just belongs to you, and also, in this way, can we make sure of the good quality!


7. Custom service


If you are not satisfied with any part of the guitar and you have you particular idea, we can also Provide professional guitar custom service, especially in changing the guitar shapeWe have professional designers to do the custom drawing using professional softwares and other design tools to design the exact guitar you wantAnd we can provide personalized custom services on this, because we like different neck profile and thickness because of our different palms. Besides, we also have the special customer service center in America, if you don’t want the guitar to be delivered from overseas, we can also send the guitar from our American warehouse,and you just need pay some extra cost. If you are from other countries, thanks for your patience in advance here, we will set custom service center in other countries one by one to perfect our service system. 


8. About delivery safety


In order to make sure of the delivery safety and avoid the breakage, extrusion or crack, we use professional package and we have different bubble wrap corresponding with different guitar body shape, this will also cost much, since September, our damage rate has dropped to 0%, before our damage rate was around 2% -3 % due to the transport company's rough handling, which caused serious. Besides, to ensure our customers' interest, we have the shipping insurance for each guitar, and we will make compensation for you if any damage happens again in transit.About delivery safety.


Welcome your consultation.


Why buy a custom made replica guitar




Most Of The Time An Original Is Simply Not Available At Any Price !


An Original Is Out Of Your Price Range !!


 An Original Could Possibly Be Of Low Quality !!!    Just Because It's Original Doesn't Mean It's Any Good



An Original Could Have Been A One Of A Kind Design. 



An Original May Not Be Available In A Seven (7) String Version. 


 An Original Has Too Thin A Neck & Cannot Be Played Effectively.  (Rickenbacker For Example)


 An Original Might Not Be Available In Lefthanded.   (Extremely  Common)


 An Original May Not Hold Up Under The Rigors Of Professional Usage.   (Rickenbacker For Example)


An Original May Not Be Available With A Floyd Rose Tremolo.


 An Original Might Be Made Using Cheaper Wood Or Lower Cost Components.  (Corporate Guitars)


The Company Who Made The Original Is No Longer In Existence.


The Original Is So Valuable That You Need A Decoy Or A Usable Guitar To Take On The Road.


The Original Is So Incredibly Heavy That You Cannot Stand To Hold It Up For Long.


The Original Comes In An Uncomfortable Scale For You.


The Neck Shape On The Original Is Uncomfortable To You.


The Original Comes In 22 Frets & You Require 24 Or Even 27 Frets.


 You May Have Had Problems With The Company Who Made The Original & You Don't Want To Spend Your Money With Them Again. (Very Common)


Possibly You Simply Want An Exhibition Guitar To Display In A Shadowbox Or You Have An Establishment Like The Hard Rock Cafe



Notice For All Buyers:
Thank you for your attention. Here are something you might want to know about this guitar.

1. This guitar is available in both right handed and left handed version. Even it is not showing in lefty version, we still able to customize this guitar in left handed for you. You just have to tell us when you place the order.

2. If you want to place the order, just send us email, we will help you to place your customize order.

Follow me to see how much we already done for you and some thing you should know.

8 Main Advantages Make Us Beyond The Average.... Read More....
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