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Kai Hansen RV 300KH

Kai Hansen RV 300KH

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

This is a customized guitar, it was made according to our customer's requests, if you don't like the settings of this guitar, and want a personalized body shape, finish, logo, woods or hardware, please email us to place the order.


 Our Custom Made Kai Hansen RV 300KH



Kai Hansen RV 300KH

Body Wood


Neck Wood







Dot Inlays

Scale Length





2 Humbuckers


1 Volume 1 Tone, 3-Way Toggle PU Select Switch


Licensed Floyd Rose Bridge






Gold Hardware



About Kai Hansen and His Kai Hansen Rv-300kh


Kai Hansen is the founder, lead guitarist, and vocalist of power metal band Gamma Ray, and the co-founder and former member of German metal band Helloween. He is a prominent figure in power metal, and has sold millions of albums worldwide. He is regarded as "the godfather of power metal", having founded three seminal bands in the genre. In 2011, he joined the band Unisonic featuring former Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske.




For almost 20 years, Hansen has played ESP Guitars. He first started using them during his days with Helloween after hearing testimonials of ESP from artists such as George Lynch and Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Kai Hansen almost exclusively plays Flying V guitars (even his accoustic guitar is a Flying V), his most famous guitar without doubt being the pink ESP Flying V he can be seen playing on the official video for I Want Out, or the Unisonic video Unisonic. Almost as famous as the pink V is the red one, also an ESP*. Kai has used ESP for approximately 20 years and he was endorser for ESP where he has (or had) an own signature guitar-ESP RV-300KH.


Our Replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH


About the original Kai Hansen Rv-300kh, we think we needn’t say more. If you are a fan of Hansen, you will know this is a very typical guitar of Hansen’s, which has accompanied Hansen to show lots of concerts and it is Hansen’ favorite guitar. The Kai Hansen Rv-300kh features a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets, perfect for comfort and speed in any playing style. Gold hardware accents the rock-ready vibe.




The Kai Hansen Rv-300kh has been discontinued for many years. It is very very rare and hard to find today-even old ones. If you want to own the guitar, you have to specially customize it, but the price is sky-high, costing about thousands of dollars. To realize most customer’s dreams of owning a Kai Hansen Rv-300kh guitar with much less money, we begin to make the Kai Hansen Rv-300kh replicas.
More info about our replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH!




Our replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH has mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. All these three kinds of wood have been purchased in large volumes from our professional wood suppliers. You can rest assured about the wood quality.







New design bullet style truss rod cover with one screw, which is more beautiful and attractive!







This original guitar has white pearl dot inlays. Our replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH strictly follows it.







Our replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH has set-in neck construction, which accords with the original one. You will feel the difference in your rib cage when you sit down and play it. No exaggerations here!!






Our replicated Kai Hansen RV 300KH is painted in red color. But you also can choose other colors you like. 
One original Kai Hansen RV 300KH costs fucking more than thousands of dollars, we said guys who like it can not afford at all. Now our replicated guitar is sold at a very low price. We just want to realize fans’ guitar dream, and share it with all our friends.
About Pickups 


It is worth mentioning that the pickups we select are Wilkinson pickups, Which is more attractive in quality and price. Wilkinson pickups are what we strongly advise. They will save you much money! With top quality, Wilkinson pickups are stable and reliable enough!
Of course, we also have original pickups- EMG 81/60, which are James Hetfield’s favorite pickups, and they can give you original James sound. But you need pay extra money.








Custom Options!


Except the Rv-300kh, Kai Hansen also used Gibson Flying V, Stratocaster and other models. All these guitars can be customized in our custom shop. If you are interested, you can contact us at any time.



For many years, we've devoted ourselves to becoming a professsional guitar custom shops. We supply all kinds of guitar replicas from top players of each time. And all our replicated guitars are made under exact same specifications with original guitars.
If you are interested in our replicated guitars, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Pictures in our website are limited, and if more HD pictures needed, please email us. We will serve for you with our all sincerity. 
Aiming to build your dream guitar!
If  you don’t like the guitar above and you want a guitar dreamed for so long,what to do? It’s so easy,please send the picture and the parameters of the guitar you want.We only need Pics and specs, and we can make the guitar same with your original guitar. You wonder learn Why? Pls click here  to find the answer. Send your dream guitar pics and specs to us, let us make it come true together.
All the guitars we built are based on our customers’ requests. There are so many different options for you to choose if you don’t want a standard one, you can check our custom shop for the details. The best way to go about obtaining this information for you is to contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We can discuss these options and figure out what is the best for you. Your business is important to us and we want to provide you with the best customer service we are capable of. We want this to be the best guitar-buying experience you’ve ever had.
And please, don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

Notice For All Buyers:
Thank you for your attention. Here are something you might want to know about this guitar.

1. This guitar is available in both right handed and left handed version. Even it is not showing in lefty version, we still able to customize this guitar in left handed for you. You just have to tell us when you place the order.

2. If you want to place the order, just send us email, we will help you to place your customize order.

Follow me to see how much we already done for you and some thing you should know.

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price on the RV 300KH

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hi, can you custom carvin or jakcson guitar´s michael sweet of stryper?
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We can make you the custom carvin or jakcson guitar´s michael sweet of stryper. The price has been send to your email box.

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