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Vinnie Vincent Guitar for Sale

This guitar is built by Japanese and Korea luthiers, it is with excellent quality and reasonable price. You can choose from all kinds of finish, wood and hardware. Left handed is also available!

This is a customized guitar, it was made according to our customer's requests, if you don't like the settings of this guitar, and want a personalized body shape, finish, logo, woods or hardware, please email us to place the order.



Vinnie Vincent Guitar for Sale

Well it appears Vinnie Vincent model guitar is returning! As most will know, Vinnie was the first guy to use Randy's Jackson model after Randy's passing! Vinnie Vincent is an American guitarist and songwriter, well known as a former member in the band Kiss, as well as the leader of his own band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Vinnie had a great stage presence, he had a great all around look.

Vinnie Vincent Guitar for Sale



Mike Shannon designed the Jackson vv model in 1985 for vinnie based out of the Rhoads v. The vv model was never officially offered to the public. Carvin , Ibanez , Washburn and pear all made the guitar for vv but non of them advertised it to the public , all one offs. I know Jackson, carvin and Washburn planned to sell to the public but all fell out with vv. The only time it has ever been marketed to the public was last year by azg guitarmageddon guitars of Arizona, however again like all the versions and companies before the relation with vv ended before any sales.

The Pink/Silver "86 Classic" model has 22 Frets with EMG Pickup. 
The Silver/Purple "88 Classic"model has 22 frets with a Seymour Duncan pickup.
The White/Gold "88 Classic" model has 24 frets with two Seymour Duncan pickups.
The Gold Leaf "Anniversary" model has 22 frets with a Seymour Duncan pickup with gold leaf mother of pearl inlays and gold hardware. 
All have a Floyd Rose Pro tremelo and the third knob is a rotary/phaser switch. 

In 1987, Washburn and Vinnie Vincent teamed up to produce the VV signature guitar in the style of his double-V Jacksons. The prototype shown in the photos was made by Steve Davies in his shop in Seattle. To this day, the prototype is the only VV model ever to be produced, and for some reason, the model never went into production. A few Vinnie Vincent Washburn signature decals still reside in the Seattle warehouse to this day. Here's a shot of the new Vinnie Vincent guitar sat the 2011 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim,California.They cost $9,000 - $12, 000.

These guitars actually looked pretty good. The Jackson model was discontinued for 10 years. If you want to do it quickly at very reasonable price, please contact us. In our work shop, there has many professional luthiers to do it for you 100% by hand.

Additional custom details, pricing, and other information, and availability about our Vinnie Vincent Guitar for Sale can be obtained from the official contact: CLICK HERE

Notice For All Buyers:
Thank you for your attention. Here are something you might want to know about this guitar.

1. This guitar is available in both right handed and left handed version. Even it is not showing in lefty version, we still able to customize this guitar in left handed for you. You just have to tell us when you place the order.

2. If you want to place the order, just send us email, we will help you to place your customize order.

Follow me to see how much we already done for you and some thing you should know.

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yes - I am interested in a VV guitar -thank you


Administrator, Stephanie Reply:

If you want to order the guitar, you can directly order it from our website or email us back.

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