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Custom Made Fender Jimmy Page For Sale

Only $393.75


Jimmy Page Fender Telecaster


Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster demo :

Birth of the Fender Jimmy Page


There is a fantastic story on the Dragon Telecaster. In 1961, Owen bought a 59'Telecaster with $107 and soon presented it to Jeff, who was John's bandmate in Deltones. In 1965, Jeff Beck took this electric guitar to Yardbirds as his back alternative for a Gibson Les Paul. Jeff altered the first white Bakelite pickguard of the 59 Tele into a hand made dark-colored pickguard. In August 1966 when Beck got out of Yardbirds, he presented this guitar, a comparatively valuable electric guitar in those days, to Jimmy. Jimmy had taken the Dragon Telecaster from Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin just as his main instrument. The Dragon Tele didn't diminish from eye sight until in April 1969 he obtained the "number one" Gibson Les Paul from Joe. In 1967, Page done a terrific change to this electric guitar, drawing a red, orange and green dragon on the ash body and additionally changing the pickguard into a transparent acrylic pickguard using a piece of diffraction grating film underneath. After that, the popular Dragon Telecaster was born in guitar history.

Jimmy Page Telecaster    Dragon TelecasterT


Fender Jimmy Page Woods


The body is made of ash wood, just precisely the same as the authentic Dragon Tele, with rosewood fretboard and maple neck. Our products were made strictly according to the actual drawing and information, the shape and size and all other factors are just the same as the authentic guitar.

Jimmy Page Tele


Jimmy Page Dragon


Dragon Tele


Fender Jimmy Page Finish


As for the finish, the original dragon pattern was drawn by Jimmy Page himself, and ours were painted by hand by our specialist luthiers. In comparison with Jimmy Page, we might not be greater than master Jimmy, however we are certain the artwork is a minimum of as the very same, if not far better than, the authentic guitar. In addition, we can customize the finish according to your personal desire.

Jimmy Page Dragon Tele


Fender Jimmy Page Headstock


The headstock of the original electric guitar is a Fender 59 telecaster headstock, however for unknown reason; Jimmy Page cleaned the actual logo away, so we have no logo on the headstock of our custom-made instrument.

Page Telecaster


Fender Jimmy Page Pickguard


The initial pickguard was said to be a clear pickguard having a foil below it to make a mirror effect. However the foil is likely to darken as time passes, thus we offer you a mirror pickguard to achieve an ideal effect, and it looks much closer towards the genuine instrument.


Fender Jimmy Page Pickups


The pick-ups of the original 59' telecaster guitar are Fender single-coil pickups, and we will offer other different brands including Wilkinson and Fender along with other single-coil pickups from low-end to high end items.


Songs ever performed with the Fender Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page


Jimmy page employed the Dragon Telecaster to capture the very first album of Led Zeppelin, and also used it within his early 1968-1969 tour. In 1971, Page utilized it in capturing the wonderful solo Stairway to Heaven in studio.


Should you be 1 of Jimmy Page's enthusiasts and interested to the electric guitar, our products will be your best selection, since our guitar is the most similar custom crafted electric guitar totally following the authentic details and the original design drawing.


 Our Custom Made Fender Jimmy Page Specifications

Body Wood: Ash
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Bolt-on
Fretboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Dot Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 21
Pickups: Wilkinson Pickups
Pickguard: Mirror
Switch: 3-Way Selection Switch
Controls: Master Tone, Master Volume
Headstock: Fender Style, Logo Removed
Bridge: Tele Style
Hardware: Chrome Finish
Finish: Natural w/ Dragon Graphic
Strings: D'Addario


Considering that the inventory is limited, if you really desire 1, please make contact with us quickly.

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