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Custom Made  Keith Richards Telecasters For Sale





Keith Richards Telecasters Player - Keith Richards


Keith Richards is known as a British musician, composer, one of the starting members of the Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones magazine stated that Richards has produced rocks greatest solitary body of riffs, and praised him to be the No.10 finest guitarist. Since the lead guitar performer of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards is well-known for his addict to drugs and alcohol, and his riotous and erosive life-style, as well as his amazing guitar skills. In his personal speech, he perfected fools arts. He's a pure rock guitarist, improving the upright forward rock 'n roll music developed by Chuck Berry and turning up the volume. Keith Richards proved that rhythm guitar may be played like lead guitar, and he composed the electric guitar allure deepened to the total band as a result the audiences concerned more details on music rather than the instrument alone. Keith Richards consequently altered the impact to rock guitar among people. There's an English saying, a rolling stone collects no moss, which implies the continuous moving will always preserve the vigor of life. As the Rolling Stone band, popular globally from 60's, verified this announcement with their forty years ceaseless hard work.


Two significant Keiths Telecasters


The first one, 1953 Keith Richards Telecasters Telecaster – Micawber (Keith’s main guitar)


That 53 telecaster is known as Micawber, which is the most typically employed electric guitar of Keith Richards and was restructured from a 1953 Fender Telecaster. Creamy body, black pickguard, which were strictly completed by our luthiers. Micawber is said to be called following a figure Wilkins Micawber in Dickens story David Copperfield, however the actual trigger is unknown. Completely different from other Telecaster, Micawber had a dual-coil pick-ups in neck (Of course, our replications . also provide dual-coil pickups fitted to the neck).


From the Exile On Main St. time period, Keith Richards started to utilize this electric guitar. When utilizing this electric guitar, Keith usually tuned in Open G (DGDGBD) and took off the sixth string (we did not get rid of the 6th string, simply because not all guitar followers can admit that; moreover, it is quite simple for users to take off it themselves). You'll be able to say that Keiths exclusive guitar style is inextricably associated using this adjusting approach.

Obviously, this instrument is Keith Richards favorite one, even though he has got other teles, Micawber had always been his desired equipment in both his tourings and recordings. The following article described the changes and influence Keith took to this unique guitar. One of Fenders custom store actually duplicated twenty Micawber guitars, but later on stopped for Keiths intervention.


The tuners and bridge had been replaced. The bridge was substituted with brass bridge. On our products we did exactly the same replacement with brass bridge. The pick-ups in neck are Gibson PAF dual-coil pickups, the pickups in bridge is initial tele pick-ups. We also bought Gibson and Fender pick-ups for our consumers, but the default pick-ups included in the price tag lists is Wilkinson pick-ups, which is more cost-effective, quality dependable and may conserve lots of fees for you.


Songs played with Keith Richards Telecasters Micawber


Brown Sugar
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run
Mixed Emotions


Keith Richards Telecasters Telecaster Sunburst - Sonny


This version, called Sonny by Keith, was really a 1966 Fender telecaster. Johnny Starbuck said that it was named sonny since of its sunburst finish, in reality it should be named sunny and not. This guitar was tuned to open G.

     Keith Richards Sonny

Maple neck, ash body, maple fingerboard, 3-tone sunburst finish, distinct texture on the body, single coating black color pickguard, brass terminal board, taken out sixth string (B, F#, B, D#, F#).


According to the previously mentioned characteristics, we exactingly duplicated this guitar, Maple neck, ash body, maple fingerboard, 3-tone sunburst finish, single coating black pickguard, brass terminal panel. The one variation is probably that we didn't remove the sixth string!! Likewise we also bought Gibson and Fender pick-ups, nevertheless the default pick-ups inside the cost list is Wilkinson pick-ups, which is cheaper, quality dependable and will conserve you plenty of money.

 Fender Keith Richards


Keith Richards Guitar


Keith Richards Tele

Our Custom Made Keith Richards Telecasters Specifications

Keith Richards Telecaster Body Wood: Ash
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Bolt-on
Fretboard: Maple
Inlays: Black Dot Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Nut Width: 1.650"
Frets: 21
Pickups: Wilkinson Pickups
Switch: 3-Way Selection Switch
Controls: Master Tone, Master Volume
Headstock: Fender Style
Bridge: Tele Style
Hardware: Gold Finish
Finish: 3-Color sunburst
Strings: D'Addario


Songs ever played w/ Keith Richards Telecasters


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