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Custom Made  The Bone Guitar For Sale


The owner of The Bone Guitar – George Lynch


George Lynch was born on Sept . 28, 1954, well-known as the hard rock / heavy metal guitarist in Dokken band, His personal band was Lynch Mob and Souls of Web. He was significantly influenced by guitar master Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck. When he was in junior high school, he was the guitarist within the school band and showed around in the local rock community. In late seventies, he moved to the rock city Los angeles for further improvement and came into 2 bands, The Boyz and "Xciter. During early 80s, guitarists typically highlighted both Van Halen or Randy Rhoads styles, but George developed his personal techniques, such as up and down quickly glissando and pushed around, twisted strings, vibrato detached techniques, which caused him one in the two guitar masters in Southern California (another one is Randy Rhoads).


History about The Bone Guitar


Probably the most original skull and bones electric guitar of George Lynch showed up in the heavy metal period of 80s, known as Mom, developed and made by the famous artist John 'J. Frog' Garcia.


Johnny "J. Frog" Garcia is really a proficient artist and designer, he created and built the most authentic George Lynch Skull N' Bones guitar, and he also developed Mark Kendall's Great White Shark. After continual illustrating and discussing, the creator ultimately developed it with long time effort and lots of times of thorough checks. The body was etched based on warmoths alder body, a dual-coil pickups in bridge, standard strat tremolo, cherry made skull and bones. The form of the bones was carved out on the original wood. When frog hand crafted this guitar, he made use of old-fashioned white colour demonstrating a rotten manner. John absolutely dropped in his personal inventive work, pulling out one of his teeth and installing it on the position where looked like a mouth on the guitar, and he even cut a handful of hair and stuck them on the skull.


The Bone Guitar Timeline– In Early 1980s


After Dokken band went back to La from a well-known global travel, they began to prepare the video tracking, which made J. Frog 3D Skull n Bones distinguished world-wide. Inside the video recording, other than as one of the band members, Frog was additionally the director as well as the lighting technician. Before the video capturing, the representative of ESP guitar business pasted the ESP label on the headstock, for the reason that neck is definitely an early Kramer Focus 1000 (Japan manufactured products. In mid nineteen eighties, the US Kramer Barreta was manufactured by ESP Corporation). John was extremely unhappy, but the representative of ESP held that George promised to advertise for them, or they wouldn't permit this guitar getting used within the video. There after, lots of firm began employing frogs ideas and concepts.


The Bone Guitar Counterfeiters


Numerous businesses are duplicating this instrument, from massive scale corporations to tiny ones, so the sizes and figures vary somehow. Here are a few of them.


ESP The Bone Guitar


The largest and very first one is ESP.


Edroman The Bone Guitar


They created fairly lots of skull electric guitars depending on the original one, like multi-head skulls body, ebony fretboard with skull inlays, etc.


X-Ray The Bone Guitar


Specifically crafted skull guitars for left handed guitarists, priced $2000 about.

Detailed specs.

    Scale = 25.5"
    Seymour Duncan JB Pickups
    Genuine Floyd Rose Tremolo
    Mother of Pearl Dots
    Ebony Fretboard w/ Jumbo Frets
    Reverse Hockey Stick Headstock
    R2 or R5 nut
    Neck profile is "C" shape
    Push/Pull Pot for coil tap
    Gotoh Tuners
    RIP Headstone graphics on Headstock
    Left Handed (Lefties are $2499.00)
    Alder or Maple (Alder is additional cost)
    R2 or R5 nut


There are some private DIY electric guitars not listed here.


We used up much time to learn the data of the unique instrument and later-on replications ., to duplicate the particular electric guitar as best as we can. We selected alder in wood selection, just the same as the genuine guitar, but lately we got demands from consumers who want mahogany, therefore we supply 2 options. We mounted on dual-coil pickups in bridge according to the authentic guitar and utilized regular Floyd licensed tremolo. The only distinction between ours and the initial guitar is that we simply can't find Johns teeth and hair to attach on the instrument.


Our Custom Made The Bone Guitar Specifications


Body Wood: Mahogany
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Bolt-on
Fretboard: Ebony
Inlays: Pearl Dot Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 22
Pickups: 1 Wilkinson Humbuckers
Switch: None
Controls: 1 Volume
Bridge: Licensed Floyd Rose
Hardware: Black Finish
Finish: Carved Skull and Bones
Strings: D'Addario


Since we created guitars with a smaller volume, the inventory is limited. Should you be enthusiastic about this specific electric The Bone Guitar, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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