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 Custom Made Fender 60 Telecaster for Sale


Fender 60 Telecaster introduction and unique headstock


This guitar is actually a 60th anniversary exclusive edition of Fender Telebration, simply 60 ever before published. As outlined by Fender, snaked head tele possessed a particular headstock and simple shape. In order to reproduce the primary telecaster, Leo Fender brought it around to music clubs, patiently letting performers get a taste of this specific guitar. After obtaining the responses about the layout and craftsmanship, this tele was eventually accomplished. The guitar body is made from a hundred years old pine wood, Olympic-white finish, hard maple neck, reliced maple fingerboard, truss rod-less ( for historical precision), one single-coil pickups in bridge.


fender 60th anniversary


We duplicated this guitar completely based on the original electric guitar, the same Olympic-white finish, hard maple neck , reliced maple fingerboard, truss rod-less (for historical accuracy) and 1 single-coil pickups in bridge. 





The regular pickups brand we suggested is wikson pickups, because this brand is cost-effective, which will help you save much money, and in addition the quality is stable. 


 Our Custom Made Fender 60 Telecaster Specifications

Body Wood: Basswood
Neck Wood: Maple
Construction: Bolt-on
Fretboard: Maple
Inlays: Dot Inlays
Scale Length: 25.5"
Frets: 21
Pickups: 1 Wilkinson Pickup
Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone
Headstock: Snake Head Style
Bridge: Tele Style
Hardware: Chrome Finish
Finish: Olympic white
Strings: D'Addario


Fender 60 Telecaster User reviews


1.This electric guitar is alluring but too expensive. Some custom shops are producing this instrument nowadays, some reliced, some not, and the cost between $1000 and $2000. I favor unreliced one, since I usually think that a reliced guitar is simply appropriate for pleasing your eyesight however a unliced one is produced for using. My god, I can't believe that to acquire a guitar is only for pleasing your eyes. I believe the custom store performed a great work on this guitar, principally from the point of view of contour, it's excellent, I love it, yes, I like the headstock, I love it.


2.This guitar is very appealing. I seriously want to have an attempt, however


3.It's hard to figure out a way to perform a guitar which includes no truss rod on it. I'm sure this instrument is just made for those guitar collectors. There is no way for Fender to market this instrument out, it may simply be a springboard on tele's growth history, therefore it is a lot more like a token. Local guys may possibly have a taste, however , I am sure it can't be sold-out unless Leo Fender purchases it himself.


4.I really like the headstock, and I'd be very glad to order a fender electric guitar having such type of headstock, however the lack of truss rod made it hard to welcome this guitar.


5.I used this guitar, oh, it sounds excellent, almost perfect!


6.I love snake head headstock, mainly because it represents the 1st tele in this world. However , I think it isn't made for all of us, only some would like to get one, it is therefore a limited edition. If you do not like it then forget about it. Individuals who got it should be the guys who enjoy it and will be able to pay for it. It's difficult to imagine that somebody just like me likely pay all money he saved in 2-3 years to order a snake head electric guitar. I really hope anyone have got his precious guitar.


7.I can not pay for it, and I do not like it. Some individuals can DIY this type of guitar which appears equally okay. The only factor that appeals to me is the reliced bridge.

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