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Sam Roy Introduction


Sam Roy "Sammy" Hagar (born October 13, 1947), also known as The Red Rocker, is a rock vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and musician. Hagar came to prominence in the 1970s with the hard rock band Montrose. He afterwards launched a successful solo career, scoring an enduring hit in 1984 with "I Can't Drive 55". From 1985 to 1996, and 2003 to 2005, Hagar was the singer for Van Halen. On March 12, 2007, Hagar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Van Halen.The Gibson ROBOT Explorer Electric Guitar, Red Metallic takes the classic styling and superior tone of a Gibson masterpiece and adds the technological brilliance of the Gibson Robot Tuning System to bring you one of the most practical and striking guitars ever in Gibson’s storied line of stringed instruments.



The Gibson ROBOT Explorer headstock is carved out of the same piece of mahogany as the neck. It is not a “glued-on” headstock, and the process takes craftsmanship, time, and effort. The headstock of the Robot X-plorer is carefully angled at 17 degrees, which increases pressure on the strings and helps them stay in the nut slots.


The revolutionary Robot X-plorer sports a unique, highly specialized Tune Control Bridge which acts as one of the main components of the amazing self-tuning robotic system. The Tune-Control Bridge is a modified Tune-o-matic that measures the individual tuning of each string via special saddles. The signal from each string is then transmitted to the control CPU in the control panel, which then transfers the signal to the Neck CPU and the Powerhead Locking Tuners, which, in turn, tune the strings.



At the core of the Robot X-plorer’s pioneering technology is a lithium rechargeable battery system, which takes about 90 minutes to generate a full charge that keeps the innovative self-tuning robotic system going for approximately 200 tunings. Included with the Robot X-plorer is a power adaptor that plugs into any standard power outlet. Take any quarter-inch guitar cable and plug one end into the adaptor, and the other end into the Robot X-plorer. In approximately 90 minutes, the Robot X-plorer is ready to go. Use the shortest guitar cable you can find, because the shorter the cable, the less time it takes. You can always check the status of the system’s charge by turning the MCK knob to the C position. The LED display will give you a value between 1-10, with one being the lowest charge, and 10 being the highest.


The Gibson  ROBOT Explorer Electric Guitar, Red Metallic Main Features Include:


Angled Headstock
Adjustable Truss Rod
The Robot X-plorer Neck Profile
22-Fret Ebony Fingerboard
Nickel and Silver Alloy Fret Wire
Trapezoid Inlays
Set-Neck Construction
Solid Mahogany Body
Gibson’s 496R and 500T Pickups - Uncovered
Neck Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Tune-Control Bridge and Data Transmitting Tailpiece
Powerhead Locking Tuners
Ground-Breaking Controls
Charging System
Custom Red Metallic Nitrocellulose Finish
Manufacturer: Gibson

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