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Our guitar custom shop is distinctive due to the fact that our custom guitars cross all boundaries. They are not merely instruments but works of art. For the avid collector, the professional musician, or the dedicated amateur, a customized guitar will become your most prized possession. Our experience as working musicians has had a significant impact on our construction, production and paint methods.

We are committed to bringing designer guitar products to our customers without long wait and at competitive prices.


With our years of production and sale experience, custom-built guitar is divided into two kinds. One is that our customers have some information or pictures about their dream guitars. What we need to do is to modify the guitar and communicate with our customers repeatedly and patiently, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. The other situation is that some customers would like a non-existent guitar and they have their own ideas about the guitar, so there is no possibility of pictures. Moreover, most of our customer cannot make drawing, let alone blueprint. In cases of this kind, we specially engage a professional drawing and blueprint artisan to help our customers restore their lovers. More detailed information please refer to our custom guitar website:

Compared to other guitar custom shop, the advantage of our custom made guitar are relatively lowing cost and shorting construction period. We can almost guarantee that the customized guitar will be completed within 15-18 working days, because we have more staffs. However, please note that not all our staffs are guitar masters, a few of them are guitar-maker. But during the important procedure, such as shaping, painting and inspection process, our advanced professional luthier strictly examined. 



What's more, we promise that We Don't Cut Corners. The reason why the price is low is because we have low labor costs. 
This is a big mistake to believe that “the higher the price, the better the quality”. If guitars are not featured original high-end accessories, the cost will not so high. Actually, apart from some rare wood, the price of common guitar wood, such as mahogany, maple..., is not so high. You can see the price from eBay clearly. Therefore, we need not use low-quality wood for our guitars, and you can rest assured that all of our guitars use selective high-quality wood. 
We believe low price does not always mean bad work. It is possible to pay less than you imagined to get your favored guitars.


On the other hand, we do not use original pickups, the accessories we choose are relatively with low price. But our accessories can endure the market test, there is no doubt that they have high quality and reasonable price. So our guitar absolutely owns playability.

However, our guitars are handwork and small batch, and every guitar-maker, every procedure will pay time and energy for one customized guitar. So our custom service is a little higher than the guitars in stock. Thanks for your understanding. With our product knowledge and experienced professional design solutions, we promise to provide you with a functional guitar. We are able to help you customize the guitar you dreamed. After we accept the order, we will make drawing ASAP and check with the our client correctly in order to avoid misunderstanding. 
If you need read more information about our costom shop, or want to customize a guitar, please go to the website of our costom shop at


About custom made left-handed guitars

Most left-handed guitar aficionado have difficulty in buying a satisfactory guitar, due to many of their favorite guitars do not have left-handed editions. Because the left-handed guitar aficionado is relative less. Should merchants sell left-handed versions, the sales volume will be limited and their capital will be locked up. Whereas, we have customized left-handed almost every guitar in stock for our left-handed customers, but nonetheless, we do not have a large stock of the left-handed guitars. Generally speaking, left-handed guitars belong to custom-tailer and need more money. But we promise there is no additional charge if you would like left-handed version of our guitars in stock, unless you want a guitar that not on our site.


Interested parties welcome the consultation and look forward to working with you.


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