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Probably the most popular by lovers is the PS-10, or John Stanley design. This came out in 1977 as the reputation of the rock-band KISS increased. Ibanez contacted John while KISS was on trip in Asia in 1976. They provided him a opportunity to create his own trademark design. He liked the form of the Specialist 2663 design and created changes to that design as his concepts came to being in the PS10 design. The PS10 first showed up in the 1978 Ibanez collection, although it may have been available for buy before collection publishing.


A very beginning PS10 model - perhaps the first one designed - marketed at public auction on public craigs for $5878.00 in Jan of 2002. See images of it on this web page.

Paul Stanley (rhythm device, vocals) performed an Iceman for the next 4 decades. Look within the record protect of KISS ALIVE II for a stay taken of him with the Iceman. This design sold for about $695 in 1978, and was provided through 1981. In 1995 the PS-10 was re-issued as the PS10-II and in 1996 an extra PS design was revealed - the PS10-LTD (or Limited). Revenue must have been excellent because in 1997 yet another PS was provided in the collection - this was marketed as the PS10-CL (or Classic). The greatest distinction between them is that the PS10-II was created in Japoneses industries and the LTD and Traditional were Japoneses created and also had all the same functions of the unique 1978 design (like the Gibraltar link and Fast Modify tailpiece). Although the collection reveals the PS10-II with "Paul Stanley" mounted at the 21 worry, most were not created this way. Obviously there was a issue with the places at the Japoneses manufacturer and it was made the decision not to use them.


At once, in 1997, you could buy a PS-10 straight from John Stanley! He was promoting the LTD for $2000 and the Traditional for $1800 (each with finalized certificate), but that was stopped in 1998. I've been informed that he and a associate purchased the staying stock of John Stanley designs from Ibanez and what he is going to do with them continues to be a secret. The ad for them is here. John Stanley strayed from the Ibanez in 1999 and installed with Washburn Instruments to present a new PS design that is awesome looking in it's own way. Examine the website to see that one.


Paul Stanley also had a customized Iceman designed by Ibanez around 1979 and was using it again for some music on the 1996-1997 KISS "Reunion Tour". This was an Iceman that was retro-fit with a cracked-mirror top, or the "Mirror Ball" Iceman, as Mark Hasselberger phone calls it. Mark should know, he is the guy that designed the device for John. Study his consideration of developing this amazing device. 


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