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Paul Stanley Signature Iceman model

Rare Electric Guitar


This super unusual elegance was a very restricted run in 1992 - 1993.  Get in touch with John A. Calise, if you are looking for this particular instrument, it's on the market. 

"I be familiar with an excessive quantity of misunderstandings and varying viewpoint regarding this instrument.  There seems to be almost more misunderstandings about this design than any other Iceman. This design was launched in 1992-1993 enjoying Kiss's 1973-1993 Twentieth birthday and they where the 1st reissuse since the unique 1976-1982 designs. They were created as the "IC1000BK".  The instrument has "20th Anniversary" mounted in the 22 worry and has "PS10 Limited Reissue" on truss rod protect. I talked with Jim McCloskey at Ibanez about this very instrument about two decades ago.  He informed me that the instrument was created in both 1992 and 1993 and it was actually known as the IC1000BK.  These designs determine at 1500-2500 money or so. Roughly 511 were created globally,  200 models marketed in the U. s. Declares."
That details was obtained from Iceman fan Chad Tevebaugh, who talked straight with Jim McCloskey at Ibanez in 1997 about the KISS Anniversary design. I bet this won't be the end of the disagreeing about the figures, but I think Chad has some excellent details here and I desired to discuss it with all the Iceman fans out there. 
Paul Stanley - The Royal prince Of Pout and KISS' profilic songwriter - has strutted across the show levels with some awesome custom-made instruments during the last 20 decades, with valid purpose. Its innovative Iceman form and Les Paul-like overall tone are famous. Stanley lately took a crack from KISS' difficult trip rehersals to talk about the instrument that put Ibanez on the map. 

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