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Kramer 1985 USA Baretta

Rare Electric Guitar


This guitar is fitted with all the features you could possibly wish for, for a playing style that goes with this kind of instrument. Carefully chosen features leave no guitar player's desire unfulfilled, which makes Kramer's 1985 USA Baretta an extremely well featured guitar with which you'll be thoroughly pleased. Highest grades for 1985 USA Baretta's features!


You can plug this baby into a toaster and, God knows, maybe it would sound as great as it does with any other amp. Seriously, Kramer made a 1985 USA Baretta, a terrific sounding instrument that deserves all the praise it can get. There is simply no need to change any stock-provided parts built into this axe, as it sounds professional all the way. Kramer's 1985 USA Baretta is a flawlessly sounding instrument.


Kramer did a good job. 1985 USA Baretta is built well, the finish feels just right, the hardware is solid. While playing for a longer periods of time you can expect 1985 USA Baretta to stay in tune and you will be pleased while playing, because the neck is extremely comfortable. You might find that over time metal parts will oxidize a bit, but that's normal and nothing to worry about. Kramer did a really good job with 1985 USA Baretta guitar.


1985 USA Baretta is both durable and reliable, and it will stand the test of time whilst still performing and looking great as it did when it was brand new. Kramer is a renown guitar manufacturer that has knowledge and experience when it comes to building quality musical instruments, so you should rest assured that 1985 USA Baretta is the right choice.


Early in 2004, the Gibson/Epiphone owned version of Kramer prototyped a new Baretta reissue that would model itself out of one of the more popular Baretta designs from the 80's - the 1985 Baretta banana headstock model. Engineers with Epiphone (Richard Akers) did heavy research into every detail possible about the old model to come up with designs to make every vintage collector happy.

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