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The Richie Sambora Signature Model

Rare Electric Guitar



In 1986, Dennis Berardi, Chief executive of Kramer instruments contacted Richie Sambora, the musician in Bon Jovi and requested if he desired Kramer Kramer to generate him a trademark device. Sambora made the decision and the RS trademark was put to the illustrating panel. The first styles came out in early-mid 1987. Features were a system patterned around a mix of the older style Pacer and the new radiused system that Kramer had started generating at enough time. There was a celebrity tag on the system near the top horn. Some examples have two celebrity decals on the system.


Pickups were 3 hums. 2 J.B. Seymour duncans in the center and link roles and a J.N. in the throat position (Sambora indicates the device initially had Dimarzios). Collection encompasses were silver also. Gadgets were a single amount control, 5 way change that was verticle with respect to the sequence route and 2 coils tap changes.


Neck was a secure on sharp go with dark guitar fretboard and celebrity MOP inlays. Nut were a 1 11/16" size and all components such as Floyd Increased was silver. Pegheads had the "American" after the Kramer logo. Headstock also had a pearloid truss rod cover with "RS" engaved on it. Some leads had a celebrity on the tip of the go while others did not.


First styles will have the block(1986)logo. Most will have the large reducing logo.The Kramer Sambora was decreased by the end of 1989 after which he separated ways and went with Fender for a couple years doing different styles. In 2002, he stop Fender and gossip is he is going with Gibson.


In 2002, the Gibson possessed edition of Kramer raised from the dead the Sambora into the Shirt Star. Designs started to be produced around then, and many prototypes were designed in order to decide which design the Kramer lovers would really take. In the end, it was made the decision that a real duplicate of Richie's unique White with walnut guitar fretboard, Rod Schoepher made, customized Sambora be duplicated. After talking to with David Monteperto, who at once had possessed the real device Richie used to play, they set out to make an real duplicate. What lead from all the planning is an excellent device that many say (including VK) is better appearing tonally than the unique styles, with the included extra of laser device cut inlay work, and recessed inlays in both the headstock and the system. The design was launched in 2004, and has been a history promoting device for the GIbson possessed Kramer Guitars.


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