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Ken Lawrence Guitar is a producer of customized instruments and customized fish sounds instruments established by Ken Lawrence in 1986. Besides developing instruments Lawrence has also done perform as a bassist both stay and in producing classes. Lawrence started developing instruments almost 30 decades ago at Moonstone Guitars and five decades later he set up his own organization. 


Lawrence mainly creates hand made fish sounds instruments with a distribution time near to a season and 20 to 25 designed each season. But he has also designed instruments for Wayne Hetfield musician and artist of the United states group Metallica. Most of the instruments designed for Hetfield are centered around the dimensions of his ESP Traveler but with changes done to the headstock and with customized inlays on the guitar fretboard. 


All instruments are designed on personal base with each client. Lawrence prevents the use of vulnerable timber and supporters the use of "Responsibly Harvested" rainforest difficult timber for his instruments. Systems are usually created in Ash, Alder, or Mahogany but other kinds of wooden are available if the client requirements it. All neck are created of southern difficult stone walnut and is usually fixed with fretboards in grenadillo or katalox. All fish sounds instruments can be requested in different completes, with or without frets and with a wide range of different trucks and preamps.


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