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ESP KH Ouija Kirk Hammett Guitar

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10 decades after the ultimate Ouija device remaining EPS's manufacturer, ESP and Kirk Hammett have decided to reissue this unusual and extremely popular device on a restricted development base. Kirk is constantly on the perform his unique Ouija panel evening after evening, but development was stopped in 1999 after only a few were created available to the community. The new Ouija continues to be trustworthy to the unique with additional up-dates of reflection inlays and an black fingerboard.

The complete is of a top excellent shine. Everything was completely done, no slim color places on the system or the throat. 
All the components was set properly so I didn't have to do anything. I will say that I'm not sure if the device can manage fall tunings previous Eb. When the publish were lax, about 1 1/2 actions down, the link couldn't manage it, even with a springtime taken out and the throat bowed out easily. 
The color job and the worry stickers is what you pay the additional for. Large job is not shine in the black, it's a silvery type of color and it will last a while. Large might come off eventually based on how much you perform. There's no place on this device where you won't be relaxing you hand/arm on the color job.
If you're old university, Japanese created has usually associated with junk but this one creates you wonder if they'll begin competitive with the US created devices just like what Ibanez and Tokai Asia did publish war. 
I have Jacksons, Deans and Ibanez instruments as well as other ESP's but this factor destroys them all. If you're an enthusiastic Metallica fan you will always look at the device more like a item of ART than just a destroy device. 
For those that wonder what the distinction is between this and the ESP customized store edition, it's about $6000. The ESP gets the Ebony worry panel, improved Floyd Increased and the tuners. That's about it. Yes, some of you will say the standard of the Alder is better etc. But Alder is lightweight wooden and doesn't price a whole lot between qualities.

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