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Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEM 7V

Rare Electric Guitar


The Ibanez JEM Sequence of instruments will pay honor to Bob Vai. The JEM7VWH might be the most identifiable device of the series since Bob Vai has been enjoying variations of this device for more than 10 years. This is the Leading of the Ibanez line, you will not be frustrated by the amazing playability and shouting overall tone.

Best known as the system wooden for the "classic individual coils, bolt-on throat device," the JEM7VWH's alder system generates clear, full-bodied traditional overall tone that works well for lead or beat work. The rosewood fingerboard provides a powerful, shiny sound and an eye-catching overall look with a long feed. 
The curved alder human is accented by a 24-fret Reputation JEM throat that provides quick access to all signs up. Strong provided tremolo oral cavaties allow the JEM7VWH, along with Ibanez Split-5 cabling provide amazing tonal flexibility.
Steve Vai Trademark Design. Alder system, JEM throat. JumboWarmoth #6105 worry. Lo-Pro Advantage link. DiMarzio Progress (H) throat pu. DiMarzio Progress (S) mid. pu. DiMarzio Progress (H) link pu. Silver components.
It has 24 frets on a very slim very fast throat, not sure the wooden type but it has a rosewood fingerboard. The human is Strat style alder, with a horse hold on the top (one of my preferred factors of the guitar). It has a registered floyd increased, but it's still a great link. It has inactive Dimarzio Progress trucks, which are shiny and very noisy, and a dimarzio individual coils customized in between the two humbuckers. The selector is a special divided five, significance that all the way to the left is throat collection, one over is the link part of the throat collection and the center, and then center is the center collection, and semetrical on the link part. It is a fully packed device, although it only has only one amount and individual overall tone. It still is packed with everything you would want wish or disire. 

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