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Ibanez Paul Gilbert PGMFRM1 Fireman Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar



The Fireman was initially known as the "reverse Iceman." John developed the Fireman by tossing over an Iceman and then some other style changes were created to make it more healthy. The exclusive Fireman (see picture) is really large with a dense U throat and it has all DiMarzio Place 67 trucks. The more recent version has a somewhat thinner throat and activities the new John Gilbert SIG DiMarzio Injector trucks.


DiMarzio makes a pre installed pickguard that is similar to what is in the more recent version of the Fireman. That means you can fill the gadgets into your preferred Strat and it will audio close to the Fireman for a lot less money.

The John Gilbert PGMFRM1 Fireman Trademark Electric powered Instrument features the exclusive "reverse Iceman" system style created out of wonderful korina wooden with a natural shine complete, a set 3-piece korina/bibinga throat with a dense "U" formed information, 22 worry rosewood fingerboard, three tilted DiMarzio Place '67 single-coil trucks, and firefox components. Has a unique Fireman hardshell case.


Included with each Fireman exclusive guitar is a Document of Validity finalized by John and a program of reputation equipment also used and recommended by John Gilbert: a Fireman Special band by Treehugger Strap, a BC 30' Coils Wire by Primary One Innovative, Inc., EX-29 Excessive Solitude Headsets by Immediate Sound Headsets, LLC, and more. 


Paul Gilbert thrashes and comes only with the best of equipment, namely his own. His signature designs provide with a difficult and drop mixture of destroy playability and heated overall tone just where he wants it. The style of the FRM100TR was motivated by many hours of enjoying as well as by John Gilbert with the exclusive Ibanez Fireman design. The most eye-catching part of the FRM100TR is its exclusive figure, presenting a unique opposite Iceman system summarize. The Fireman's mahogany system account balances extremely well.



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