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Tom Morello's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment

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Tom Morello has performed in the groups Audioslave and Anger Against the Device. He functions as a single audio specialist under the pseudonym The Nightwatchman. He is known for his exclusive instrument design and his open state policies. Tom has an excellent set of instrument devices and devices that he uses to get his exclusive audio (as observed in Anger Against The Device and AudioSlave). Let's take a optimum at what instrument devices and devices has been seen in Tom Morello's instrument rig!

Morello's trademark instrument. Red and white-colored with the sort and sickle icon (representing communism) with the terms "Arm the Homeless" published on it. One's human is a Customized Performance system that was provided so that the Floyd can go up and down. It contains an EMG 81 in the link and an EMG 85 in the throat place, Ibanez Advantage Floyd Increased Tremolo, toggle change, and a securing nut on a 22-fret Kramer Carrera throat. It was his primary instrument in Anger Against the Device, and was used in Audioslave for Anger Against the Device protects. Updated to Conventional E.
A customized Fender Aerodyne Stratocaster, in an 2006 Guitar Globe meeting it was exposed that it was a Manufacturer Unique Run (FSR) launched at Guitar Middle and is tuned Conventional E. Dark with white-colored executed, a color-matched headstock, reflection pickguard, and the terms "Soul Power" scrawled across the top of the system in white-colored colour. It has an Ibanez Advantage Floyd Increased Tremolo (again, Tom provided the system so that the Floyd can go up and down), securing nut, a toggle change wired as a destroy change (He uses the 5-way collection selector to change through pickups), a Seymour Duncan Hotrails collection in the link and Fender Quiet trucks in the middle and throat roles. Morello mainly uses the throat collection on this instrument unless he needs a warmer overall tone, then he changes to the Hotrails collection. It was his primary instrument in Audioslave for music that are in Conventional E adjusting.
A black inventory 1982 Conventional Fender Telecaster. It uses the drop-D adjusting and is designed with decals. Morello has used this instrument in both RATM and Audioslave. Used for drop-D music, mainly uses the throat collection.

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