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Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Harpoon V Guitar

Rare Electric Guitar


One of the greatest misconceptions about Jackson/Charvel is that a lot of guitar players out there think that Grover Fitzgibbons or John Charvel created the Randy Rhoads polka dot Traveling "V". Grover Fitzgibbons andTim Wilson created the white-colored Fitzgibbons "V" and Grover Fitzgibbons,Tim Wilson and Scott Shannon created the dark Fitzgibbons "V", but Karl Sandoval actually created the polka dot flying "V". However Karl did perform with Grover Fitzgibbons and John Charvel for about a season or so. The device was requested on 7-3-79 and was finished on 9-22-79. The device showed up to be of strong system neckthru or set throat development, but was actually a Danelectro throat that had been stuck to a flying "V" body! These bow tie inlays were basically provided on either part of the current dot inlays, the pick-ups were DiMarzio P.A.Fs, Schaller the tuners were set up and white-colored Gibson Les John management buttons were used.There are six Sandoval V's that have been created up to now and no two are the same.There are a number of Copys that have been created by a delayed Fitzgibbons worker that are very excellent but they are too huge and there are two very beginning 1980's Charvel V's that were created that look very near to the unique Sandoval V and last but not least in Asia there are a few Fernandez polka dot V's.These where never marketed in the USA and are shown in a old Fernandez collection.


The complete price of the device to Randy was $738.00, Randy remaining a down transaction with Karl on 7-3-79 of $245.00, and created one transaction of $250.00 on 8-14-79, and compensated the staying stability of $243.00 when he selected the device up on 9-22-79.Another item of record on this device is that soon after Randy Introduced the device house the headstock was damaged suddenly when the band was not properly secured to the device. I discussed to Kevin DuBrow and he informed me about the incident.He was there with Randy when it dropped and Randy was devistated.Randy had proved helpful very difficult to preserve the cash to buy the V.Karl Sandoval re-painted the throat after the maintenance were done for no cost. Gossips have distributed that Randy had a lot of adjusting issues with the polka dot "V" because the Danelectro throat didn't have a truss rod, but there sure are a lot of images that have been released with Randy enjoying this device.Randy did modify the link,nut,knobs and pick-up jewelry from firefox to dark.I have become acquaintances with Karl Sandoval and after a while he provided me the unique style sketches Randy created and reciepts for the device that are also finalized by Randy Rhoads.


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