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Randy Rhoads & his Polka Dot Flying V

Rare Electric Guitar



This is basically one of the most identifiable instruments in stone, ever. The Karl Sandoval polka dot Traveling V (Dot-V) was created for Randy in 1979, just before he remaining Silent Huge range to be a part of Ozzy Osbourne. The instrument went on to be a stone symbol interpreting Randy’s elegance and innovative enjoying instrument.


Randy approached Karl to create this gem after looking at a customized V that Karl created for Henry Lynch. Since his loss of life, a number of business's have broken this instrument off. But, for Guitar Event clients, we went to the resource, expert luthier Karl Sandoval himself.


Guitar Event is extremely pleased to provide our clients an genuine Randy Rhoads Sandoval Dot-V, developed exactly like Karl developed the unique for Randy. This instrument is awesome and somehow creates you experience unique enjoying it because of its wealthy record.


The instrument has a beefy Gibson-like throat, which is practical since Randy’s other preferred instrument at enough there was a time a Les John.Of all the instruments we inventory, this instrument has one of the biggest “cool factors”. If you are a Randy Rhoads fan, you will get goosebumps when you first choose this up.   The Dot V performs amazingly and it shouts.  Nothing like enjoying Insane Practice on an actual imitation.


Definitely one of the hottest instruments I've seen.  For Randy Rhoads lovers, this is like in contact with a item of record.I’m a big fan of Randy Rhoads. I think it’s an assortment of things… his music, his licks, his instrument solos, his look and most of all, his awesome as sh!t instruments. I really like all his instruments. I think I like the point that apart from his lotion Les John Custom, he developed and got especially developed his own styles. That in itself is awesome, but those instruments occurred to become some of the most famous steel styles ever. So, along with being one of the most innovative musicians of the beginning 80′s, he also had awesome flavor in instrument style.


A instrument that I came enthusiastic about beginning on was Randy’s Sandoval Polka Dot Traveling V (I’ll contact it the PDV from now on.). The picture of Randy hoisting that instrument on the Honor record protect slayed me and I believed it was one of the hottest stone pictures ever.



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