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Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Flying V

Rare Electric Guitar

 When Randy and Karl attracted up the style of this instrument, they also came up with a headstock style that was formed like a harpoon or an arrowhead. Using the current Danelectro headstock, Sandoval connected wooden to either part, developing a exercise that the new form could be attracted onto. The result of these components was a Traveling V formed instrument created by Karl Sandoval but depending on Randy Rhoads’s concepts. The instrument had a range duration of 25 1/2", a 17" distance throat, and was completed in nitrocellulose lacquer. Although it is not commonly known, Randy actually split the headstock off the instrument only three several weeks after it was designed. 

First up is the unique manufacturer. Karl Sandoval got returning into creating PDV’s a few decades ago. While he IS the unique manufacturer of this instrument, in my view his guitar’s look a little too ‘butch’ due to the figure being different from Randy’s. It’s especially the shoulder area at the top, they are too heavy, which creates the pizza seem to splay out broader than Randy’s instrument. Also, the harpoon headstock factors little body and less sharp. The instrument looks very well created, but for the price that these price, I’d want them to be ideal. I’ve observed that Sandoval’s newest variations are nearer to Randy’s, and that he’s decreased the price a bit.
Next up is a instrument I discovered in my net reading. This is a one off customized from Charvel, finish with harpoon headstock presenting a silver Charvel logo. While it’s nowhere near being a near imitation to the RR PDV, I like the customized shop/hot rod element to it. It’s got an 80′s Kahler, dark trucks and the incorrect buttons but I would perform the terrible out of this instrument. I think the primary purpose I like it is that it’s a one off, which is always a big mark for me with instruments.
Next are the polka facts. Like the system, they are way too big. The instrument is more white-colored polka dot than dark, which looks incorrect. And then lastly they used the frequent Fitzgibbons headstock instead of the appropriate harpoon shape… polka dot of course.These instruments come up on the market for ridiculous cash as they were very costly when launched and I have no concept who would pay that kind of cash for these. 

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