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SOUL POWER Miniature Guitar Replica

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Tom Morello's "Soul Power" instrument is a very customized Manufacturer Unique Run with Ibanez Advantage Floyd Increased Tremolo, a Seymour Duncan "hotrails" choose up in the link, with Fender quiet trucks in the middle and throat roles. Simple, it's a Fender Custom Stratocaster. Morello is popular for his instrument design, which includes huge metal/punk multiple licks and hip hop-inspired appears to be. A 1993 Tune Manufacturer stay evaluation of a Anger Against The Device gig, said Musician Tom Morello would wear his instrument high up to move every audio out of it. Dropping weapons, cops sirens, damaging - he can do them all.

Mongrel Custom "Arm The Homeless" - Morello's most popular instrument, and his primary instrument for conventional adjusting since 1986. The unique instrument was created by Performance Guitar USA for Morello to his actual requirements. It presented a Stratocaster body system with a Performance Corsair throat, 2 Seymour Duncan JB trucks and a firefox unique Floyd Increased tremolo system. However, when he got the instrument he disliked everything about it and absolutely put back together it. Since then just about everything has been modified plenty of times. The only thing that continues to be from the unique instrument is the body system. The human is red with the terms "Arm the Homeless" published on it in dark and red. It has a 3-way toggle change installed on the reduced horn, 2 amount buttons and 1 overall tone handle, 4 Hippos on the top side, one huge hippo coloured on the back, and a sort and sickle icon tag. The throat is Kramer knock-off of unidentified make. It is created of graphite, has a 22 worry rosewood panel and a "banana" headstock. It also has Gotoh Crownhead the tuners. It has an EMG 85/EMG H set of trucks and a Ibanez Advantage Floyd Increased Tremolo. The instrument is updated to conventional E. This instrument is available in it clip gaming Guitar Idol 3:Legends of Stone.
Fender Stratocaster "Soul Power" - Initially created as a Manufacturer Unique Run for Guitar Center, Morello discovered it on the holder and really liked the look of it. It has a dark complete with white-colored executed and a color-matched headstock. It also has a reflection pickguard, Ibanez Advantage Floyd Increased Tremolo, a 2-way on/off toggle change wired as a destroy change, a Seymour Duncan Hotrails collection in the link and Fender Noiseless trucks in the middle and throat roles. It has the terms "Soul Power" on the top of the body system in gold colour and is his primary instrument in Audioslave for music that are in conventional E adjusting.

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