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Tom Morello's Arm The Homeless guitar

Rare Electric Guitar


Morello's achievements of six-string prestidigitation - beginning with his major-label first appearance in the group Secure Up and right on through his triumphs in Anger Against The Device, Audioslave, Road Brush Public Team and even on his mostly acoustic-driven Nightwatchman produces - weren't conducted with the instrument of his goals, but rather on an axe that for the better aspect of two decades was more of a headache.


Such has also been the situation with his rig, made up of a JCM800 2205 50-watt go and a Peavey cabinet: Although Morello reveres the Marshall audio, he bought the 50-watt design and the Peavey cab only after his preferred Marshall go and its related cab were thieved from his van returning in 1988. With little cash and no a chance to store around (he had an essential Secure Up trial period booked), the musician had to take what he could get.


Nevertheless, Morello discovered to evolve, and in the situation of the instrument (dubbed 'Arm The Homeless' in the beginning Anger days), he used its disadvantages as a springboard for his own ardent creativeness.


In this, the first of a MusicRadar sequence known as All-Star Equipment, we talked with Tom Morello about his popular Arm The Abandoned instrument and Marshall/Peavey rig. "Misfit toys and games," he now passionately phone calls them. While they may not be what he desired, changes out they were just what he required.


Fender Telecaster, "Sendero Luminoso" - A dark inventory 1982 Conventional Telecaster, his primary instrument for use in drop-D in Anger Against the Device, Audioslave and Road Brush Public Team. He got this instrument in a business with his partner. The instrument has various decals on its system, such as the terms "sendero luminoso" in white-colored and red.


Tom's back-up instrument for arm the destitute. It has all the same specifications as arm the destitute (light red complete, advantage trem, toggle change on the end horn, emg trucks etc.) but has several little hippo decals instead of the 4 bigger ones seen on the unique instrument. This instrument can be seen temporarily in the "sleep now in the fire" songs movie.

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