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Here is a really awesome pre-owned 1995 Ibanez PS10-LTD John Stanley Iceman in metal dark complete. The Iceman has one of the most exclusive figures Ibanez has ever designed; its strong cutaway provides quick entry to the higher frets. The lengthy individual horn gives the instrument a awesome, irregular look as well. Functions consist of a mahogany system, mahogany throat with set-neck development, and an dark guitar fretboard. The system of the instrument has lotion executed as well as a part of abalone in the executed, including to the excellent looks of the Iceman. This instrument seems to have sat in its situation for most of its lifestyle, as there is no actual use or symptoms and symptoms of large use. There are some weak surface represents on the system, noticeable only if you search for them out and capture the right mild. Contains hardshell situation.


I’d like to see a rattling near ideal Ibanez Ps10 Duplicate or a PS-10 LTD.I’ve seen a very excellent Iceman copy created by Greco but besides the rubberized rate buttons and set throat and 50 percent ass inlays,aint much more than a excellent Iceman copy.

I want to see a PS-10 copy with the prevent MOP and Abolone throat inlays,Abolone executed,Set Neck,Speed Knobs,Ibanez 70′s like Hardware(Gibraltar Bridge),and the reflection decorate kit.


I want to see someone carry that out and modify just one little factor about it to set it apart from the genuine factor to keep it from making the court action position later on.or better yet,mabey the court action position would not create it that bad.A PS-10 LTD Duplicate would be more monster.It’ll never occur though.Wishfull considering,Paul Stanley would have a feild day all over that one.


Early designs were known as Ibanez Specialist 2663 designs and were modified to the Ibanez Iceman name in 1978. The Ibanez Iceman II that was launched in 1982/1983 had a different headstock with 6 in range the tuners instead of the 3 a part the tuners the exclusive Ibanez Iceman had.

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