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The workmanship and the development of the Shirt Celebrity is fantastic. The strong walnut body program and the 3-piece Hard Maple 22-fret throat are incredibly top fantastic. I discovered no faults in the components or workmanship of the Shirt Celebrity. The specific star inlays on the throat were surprisingly fresh and real to the unique artist’s instrument. MusicYo did not extra any costs nor cut any sides in the development of the Shirt Celebrity.


From the instant I drawn the JS out of its situation, I could see not only the fantastic of the instrument but also MusicYo’s overall interest to details in developing an all around usable guitar!!!! The components is something I would definitely anticipate finding only on great end instruments that price well over $1,000. From the unique Floyd Increased tremolo program to the Schaller the tuners with the Pearloid Control buttons, the JS shouts fantastic.


Right out of its situation, the instrument was prepared to hit the stage. I discovered the instrument to not only be in track but completely intonated. I did not need to modify the truss rod or Floyd Increased horse saddles or size. Because of its strong walnut development, I was anticipating a large instrument but I discovered the Shirt Celebrity to be well healthy and very relaxed to perform. With an quick throat and shouting trucks, I could go from complete out steel to doldrums with just a film of the 5-way selector modify and mini-toggles. In keeping with the unique Kramer RS design, the collection choices offer a lot of flexibility in overall tone choices to go with your songs design. Overall, the playability of the Shirt Celebrity is remarkable.


I discovered a few popular upgrades in the JS over the unique Kramer RS designs. First of all, the 5-way toggle modify is now organised in place by two cleanse install allen-head nails. The cleanse increasing of these nails, at the same time a small modify, really gives a awesome fresh look to the Shirt Celebrity. Second, the Floyd Increased core screws have been countersunk and properly secured with places. I believe this really gives the Floyd Increased more balance and, long-term, it is less traumatic to the instrument body program itself. Third, the Pearloid Control buttons on the Schaller the tuners really offer a awesome of entirety to what I experience is a wonderful instrument design. Lastly, the star inlays on the Shirt Celebrity appear to be of much better fantastic and workmanship than the past Kramer RS designs. Overall, I discovered it to be a much better designed instrument than the unique Kramer RS designs and more real to the artist’s instrument that it symbolizes.


I’ve been gathering Kramer instruments for 24 years and really have never recommended one design or product over another however, I really believe that MusicYo has beaten itself with the release of the Shirt Celebrity. It can quickly go go to go with other manufacturers’ instruments that price two to three times more and be the hands-down champion.


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