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frankenstein guitar review

Rare Electric Guitar

I’m a guitar collector, I do like guitars and I like playing them as well! The most favorite guitar of mine is a Frankenstein guitar! I knew the guitar at the very beginning from the Frankenstein guitar review on the internet. And now the guitar is just like my lover, wherever I go, it companys with me! 

One day, I was on the way to spend my holiday. After long time’s riding I fell asleep on the bus. I found the bus had stopped just at the moment when I wake up and it was my destination! I stood up straight then and got off the bus in haste. It was too dizzy for me to forget my guitar! And I got a shock when I suddenly realized that my “lover” had went away with that bus! Thought the Frankenstein guitar is just a replica, it still quite awesome! And it looks almost the same as the original. I cherish it so much! I couldn’t stand the feeling of losing it! After I calmed down, I phoned the coach company. The customer service representative helped me to connect the bus driver. I got a second shock when I found the bus even returned back! For God’s sake, there was no  other passengers on the bus, or it would be too much bother of them! My guitar went back to me in a few hours. That was really a crazy holiday.  

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