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frankenstein guitar replica

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From the first chords of 1978's Runnin' with the Devil, the first thing you notice when listening to Van Halen is the sound of the guitar. Eddie himself coined the phrase "The Brown Sound" to describe his famous tone, and no matter which incarnation of guitar he has played throughout the years, his sound has always been unmistakable.

The future of Eddie Van Halen guitars is the Fender Frankenstein, one of the most highly anticipated guitars to ever be produced. While the Kramer 1984 Reissue was a budget version of the Frankenstein, the Fender Frankenstein is designed to be an exact replica, down to every last detail.

Nowadays, as fame as Eddie Van Hale, EVH guitars are popular circulating on the gutar market as well. Being asked by most of our customers, as well as to pay a sincere tribute to our guitar hero, we would like to mention here that we also produce Frankenstein guitar replica. Just feel free to click Frankenstein guitar replica, you would find that our guitars are the cost-effective that with best quality. And what’s more, they look almost as the same as the orginals.

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