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fender frankenstein guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

Seldom if ever in the history of rock – in the history of guitar playing, for that matter – can monumental change be attributed to one person; to a single guitarist whose own individual contributions amount to nothing short of an astounding re-imagining of the instrument’s possibilities and whose playing abilities and innovations are so utterly dazzling as to be considered truly revolutionary. Such is the case with Edward Van Halen. 

Hold on to your whammy bars: In one of the most anticipated events in electric guitar history, Eddie Van Halen and the master builders of the Fender Custom Shop in Corona, Calif., have teamed up to introduce fender frankenstein guitar, amps and musical products, beginning with a painstaking recreation of one of the most recognized guitars in the world: the red-black-and-white striped “Frankenstein” guitar played by Eddie throughout his remarkable career.

Strikingly accurate down to the very last detail–and incorporating an astounding aging process to duplicate the effects of the explosive years Eddie Van Halen spent on the original–the Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein replica guitar will be limited to only 300 instruments. No effort has been spared to mirror every last scratch, ding and cigarette burn; Fender designers even scoured the land for 1971 quarters (that’s the right year), just like the original he at one time stuck under the original tremolo bridge. While Eddie no longer uses the quarter for that purpose, it’s still one of the guitar’s most recognizable appointments, and still adorns Ed’s baby, as well as each and every fender frankenstein guitar.
It was an effort well worth undertaking, for a legendary man and instrument well worth celebrating.

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