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frankenstein guitars-02

Rare Electric Guitar

It's a phenomenally crafted piece of rock history -- of guitar history, period -- and it could only come from Eddie Van Halen and the talented resources of Fender. It simply must be seen, heard and felt to be believed, and it will re-evoke the awestruck wonder and sheer thrill you experienced the first time you saw, heard and felt the incredible musical power of Eddie Van Halen.

It has the distinct sound that has been crafted throughout the years by the ingenuous "tone seeker" ed van halen. there is not now nor will there ever be another guitar with such a distinct unmistakable sound.

Being that it is an exact replica of the infamous Frankenstrat it has everything to look and sound like van halen. Considering there are only 300 being offered to the public 25,000 is not a steal, but for this guitar that price is to be expected.

EVH went really far in carefully choosing frankenstein guitars' features. There's little to be wished for, which makes frankenstein guitars a full-featured guitar for a musician that plays a music style this instrument is primarily built for. If you decide to go for frankenstein guitars you will be happy with its, safe to say - rich features. A job well-done by the guitar.

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