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Yamaha SG300 Electric Guitar Black

Rare Electric Guitar

This kind of Yamaha SG300 is very popular, sounds good and is easy to play. If you don't believe me you can do a quick search on Internet.

This guitar is black lacquer with ivory colored details and mother of pearl spots in the fret board. The serial number is 091242 and it's made in Japan. It has scratches on the front, probably from an old sticker, and on the back from belt buckle or similar. See pictures for more details on the scratches. There are also two small areas with visible wood on the body. On the front at the very bottom, and on the back next to the cable cover.

The case is wood frame with black synthetic exterior coating and green artificial fur interior. It has a slightly bent Yamaha bronze colored plate on the outside.

I once played the guitar, and it sounded very good, I am sure you will like it. And the guitar would probably do well with a new set of strings. It does NOT come with a strap.

If you want to know more about the Yamaha sg300 Guitar, pls contact us.

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