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ibanez at300 at 300

Rare Electric Guitar

Hey guys, up for sale is a MINT condition Ibanez AT300 Andy Timmons signature guitar. And by MINT, I mean NO dings or

scratches, in fact, the plastic is still on the electronics cover.

For those who know who Andy Timmons is, you know what kind of tone you can you expect from this guitar and this

guitar is THE ONLY WAY you can get that elusive sound! This guitar has got it all, locking sperzel tuners, wilky VSVG

tremelo, CUSTOM DIMARZIO PICKUPS! .....all stock! ! 


The Ibanez AT Series guitar made ​​in full accordance with the requirements of the Andy style, fresh and frugal. Headstock, neck filled with

traditional means, piano inherited SA Series Ibanez classic streamline design. Veronika Sounds style single-coil style (small Humbucker)

and surplus singing bridge humbuckers, combined with the mahogany body, and a simple joystick system, creating the AT series of

natural, simple, and powerful sound.

If you want to have you own ATguitar ,contact us. What"s more you can Custom any kinds of guitar.


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