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Dean Michael Schenker V Custom

Rare Electric Guitar

The Dean Michael Schenker Flying V w/ Dean Custom Schenker Pickups is a celebration of guitarist Michael Schenker from Hanover, Germany. Who continues to count among the most important and most admired guitarists of the international rock scene.His extremely fluent style, a combination of bluesy emotional feel with fiery rock licks, awesome power riffs and classical quotations has made him an icon for a whole generation.

Whether as a member with the Scorpions and the British rock act, UFO, or as a solo artist with his own act MSG, Schenker has been involved in countless classics in the history of rock music.Michael Schenker has influenced countless Heavy Metal guitarists including Kirk Hammett of Metallica.

So if you want the sound and feel of Michaels classics like To Hot To Handle, Lights Out, Into The Arena, Lost Horizon, Armed and Ready, Assault Attack and countless others. Get the Dean Michael Schenker Flying V w/ DiMarzio Custom Schenker Pickups.
It comes in the cool classic Black and White finish that Michael is famous for, with a set-neck, Chrome Grover tuners and black and white, two-tone Dean Custom Schenker Pickups.
If you want to own a guitar like this, contact us!!!

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