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Paul McCartney Rickenbacker 4001

Rare Electric Guitar

For guitar players the most iconic guitars are from Fender and Gibson. For bass players Fenders are by far the most common basses, but the Rickenbacker 4001 has to be the second most iconic and desirable bass ever made. The list of bassist that made history with 4001's is extensive. Including Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, Roger Waters, Roger Glover and Geddy Lee. Just to name a few.  

For me the Paul McCartney Rickenbacker 4001 is one of the most attractive basses ever made.  The bass hasn't really changed much since it was introduced in the early 60's. 

Paul McCartney was offered his left-handed Rickenbacker 4001 bass in 1964 by the Rickenbacker Company; however, he turned it down. McCartney accepted the bass a year later. It was originally finished with Rickenbacker's Fireglo finish. The bass was repainted in psychedelic colors at the time of "Magical Mystery Tour", apparently to complement George Harrison's newly repainted Stratocaster ("Rocky"). The bass was subsequently sanded down to a natural finish.

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