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Rickenbacker Bass 4001

Rare Electric Guitar

This particular Rickenbacker Bass 4001 was purchased about 2 months ago. It was made in 1976 in the U.S., and was originally a white color, but disappeared once the creamy white. Like any other Rickenbacker bass, it has 20 frets and a thin neck good and fast. What can I say, it looks and sounds like a Rickenbacker, a damned good at it. It came with the original hardcase, which was not much for looks, but it does a good job of it.

As far as the sound goes, I have started very well any kind of tone I could want. The overall sound is a really punchy sound kinda-trebley, I really have to turn it down to get some low end, but Rick handle it without problems. A band I was auditioning for  was tuned to C #, and this bass was not really very good that low. In Drop-D and standard however this is low tops. Sound absolutely sweet, with very minimal hum to the age of pickups. The switch uptake is only slightly useful with mono-jack, and may be used to create some of the later Beatles sounds good. Overall a good jack-of-all trades, except maybe the music tune too low, since it is currently configured. I have a 1973 Ampeg B25B, and you can get great tones out of vintage. I'm currently looking for a Ric-O-Sound, so if anyone knows where I can get one, that would be appreciated.

When I started working, the ropes were set really high, but this is about the previous owner and the bass itself. Other than that, the game was good. The finish is the only downgrade here, with a little paint chipping too heavy, especially near the outlets. There are some other small dents and cracks, but otherwise in great shape for being 33 years. The pickup switch sometimes gets stuck too, but a good cleaning would fix it well.

This guitar withstands live playing well, and it seems that he has seen some game time. I play in a band large church in the city, and have played this down every Sunday since the week I got it, and performs great Sunday down each and every one. Once I found a good EQ, just plug and play now. The low survived, as I said before, there are more than 30 years, and the hardware has no rust or other defects, just some scratches, and still performs great. The finish is cracking, as said before, but this is just a cosmetic issue.

Overall, I love this bass. I tend to play more bluesy classic rock sound and bass, with the occasional slap, and works well in all this. I've been playing for about 7 years, and this is the best bass player I've played / owned (I also have a Fender MIM Jazz and a victory Gibson). The cosmetic issues are not a big deal for me, since the bass plays great, and I think it adds some character to the bottom. My favorite on this is a bond between the neck (thin and fast) and tone (clean and punchy). To the question banal to steal, I would have Rick else to replace it, assuming I could have another (which is unlikely).

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