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Beautiful Birds Eye Maple Fodera Victor Wooten Yin Yang Bass!! This bass is a custom made of Birds Eye Maple and REAL EBONY!!!!!!
The new ones you will see online are being PAINTED!! ! This is two pieces of wood Ebony and Birdseye, and it IS a collectors item. The value will continue to increase since they are painting them now.


This bass was played by Victor himself, and is the most AMAZING sounding and playing bass I have ever owned. I buried myself in credit, and I am selling this bass to help rectify my situation. It comes with a Gator TSA flight case. Good Luck


I can't praise this thing enough. Excellent craftsmanship, build quality, feel, finish, and tone. I love how light it is, and I love how the body sits in my lap. The inlay work is just phenomenal. I love the matching headstock, and I could stare into that butterfly inlay for hours. I love how it changes colors when shifted. I consider this bass both an investment and a piece of functional art. I've always wanted a Fodera Monarch since I started playing 10 years ago, and I think this is the right tool to celebrate how bass has become crucial to my life and a life-long investment. Although I am not sure I would even let my best friend touch this thing!


It seems like the nut has shifted out of place by about 1mm, although I am hesitant to mention that here because I am SURE it is neither Fodera nor Bass Specialties' fault. Thing happen while in transit and when played on a sales floor. I contacted Jason and am sure that we can figure out a quick way to get the nut centered again. Since I am so close, it might actually be a fun way to see the Fodera shop! Again, _NOT_ knocking Fodera's craftsmanship here. It's just a teensy weensy millimeter that could probably be fixed in a second.


If you are interested in the Yin Yang Bass guitar, pls contact us.

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