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A few weeks ago I bought the Peavey Vandenberg Guitar and have heard that it is very promising guitar! When I got it I said: WOW! I loved it immediately!

The neck is super small and very comfortable to play on! The body is super comfortable, it is unique (it is not like a startocaster body)!, The sound is so good!, Humbucker is the signature of Adrian! The color is lovely as just that!

It may be of different colors! Coral, blue light-water, blue, dark blue, beautiful blue, blue and sparkel BLUE METAL! IT'S SO COOL!
Everything is original and got the original bag! It has no damage, hits and no dings to! 100% super conserved! Floyd is perhaps a little rusty but is in good shape!
My Vandenberg is from the first model of the Vandenberg!   Want one? Contact us!!!


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