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I have a Ibanez explorer, this is the guitar that Gibson used them over and resulting in the ruling that bodies styles can be copied but not head stocks. It looks just like an explorer but the neck is much nicer in my opinion, thinner and smaller, like an ibanezi have owned this for 19 years and never thought ...
The Ibanez Explorer sounds GREAT! Korina body, nice chunky three-piece neck, rosewood fingerboard, high quality sealed "star" tuners, Awesome sounding pickups... excellent in every detail! Better than any Gibson Explorer made in 50 years! Arrow straight neck - ships in a 70's Gibson Explorer case.

Translucent red 80's Ibanez Explorer with the hard to find matching fret board and head stock. This guitar is in outstanding condition for its age. Has its share of tiny dents for this style guitar. All the tip ends are in great shape which is odd for this body style. The dents are small and I can't get them to show up in photos. Made in the 80's for the Big Hair bands. She really stands out on stage.

The matching fret board is a rare find and has almost zero fret wear or dings. Back of neck has one lacquer nick at the 10th fret but is still smooth to the touch. Fret board inlays in the photos are vinyl and can be removed. They are strickly for stage looks. Double humbuckers with volume, tone and three way switch. Switch needs replaced or cleaned, will go in and out.
Comes with the original Ibanez case in great condtion. 
If you are interested in the Ibanez Explorer, pls contact us

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