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Ibanez Destroyer Electric guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

This Ibanez Destroyer Electric Guitar has got a great sound, it can be used to play almost any type of thing fairly efficiently. This guitar is quite simple but at the same time very intense, with two humbucked pick ups you can produce a wide variety or sounds. Though the guitar does not come in my favored color, it has an awesome shape and the fret board is very easy to move around on. To those of you who do not enjoy having a whammy bar this is a good guitar it has a nice hard tail very easy to string.


The quality of this product is very high, obviously not one of the lower Ibanez's. there are no loose parts or anything of the sort, the whole guitar seems stable as if it were all one piece. the finish is very good and would not wear off even in the intensist playing very light durably body, though it may not keep a note for the longest amount of time it is very easy to wield.

This has got a great shape that caught my eye from the beginning, at first you may think it was designed for looks not ability but that thought is quickly thrown out the moment you play it. Though some of the earlier models of the DT class only come in apple red, which in my opinion is not attractive, it makes up for it with everything else.
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