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Ibanez Destroyer Bass

Rare Electric Guitar

The Destroyer is an Ibanez brand electric guitar model (originally) manufactured at the FujiGen-Gakki musical instrument factory for the Hoshino-Gakki Company. The Destroyer model was first introduced by Hoshino-Gakki in 1975 and was based on the Gibson Musical Instruments' Explorer design. The Destroyer has since undergone several design and line changes and has been available in both 6-string and bass versions.


The Ibanez Destroyer Bass is also relatively rare. While the model appears on a 1977 U.S. price list as “2459B Destroyer Bass, Long Scale… $450,” a search of American catalogs from the era did not turn up a photo of the Destroyer Bass. What’s more, many ’70s Ibanez catalogs of replica models have few, if any, specifications, and are basically photo galleries (same goes for other copy brands of that time, such as Electra).

But the Destroyer Bass wasn’t a blatant copy of the Explorer bass; it did not have the Kalamazoo creation’s short scale or banjo-style tuners, a la Gibson’s first electric bass (the violin-shaped EB) and other Gibsons of the era. But, like its Gibson inspiration, the Ibanez does have a scimitar/banana-shaped headstock and a serial number embossed on the back of the headstock that indicates a manufacture date of August, 1977. Its machine heads are standard Ibanez part number 303 Artist units, and its set neck has a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot markers and a scale length of 331/2″. The yellow-tinted sen body does indeed recall Gibson’s korina, and does look like ash. And like the Explorer, it has a single-ply white pickguard.


The Destroyer Bass is relatively balanced given its shape, and plays similar to a Gibson Thunderbird. In all, it’s a unique example from the heyday of upper-tier import copies from three decades ago.


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