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1987 Ibanez VM-1

Rare Electric Guitar

My new Ibanez VM-1 came today, it was made in 1987 (a year before it went on sale) and is one of the first production runs. Ebony fretboard, Honduras Mahogany body, custom non-locking Edge Pro bridge, etc etc. It sounds awesome. Just snapped these pics very quick to show some friends + band mates so I didn't bother uploading HQ or setting up any good shots. Anyway, if you have any remote interest in guitar then bask in its glory...

The 1987 Ibanez VM-1 in good shape. It shows wear on the body, and one larger chip that someone prior to me decided to fill in - so its a different color white than the rest of the body. The body itself has fadded into a bit of a cream color - its still white, but not bright white. Neck and frets are in great shape and is all stock. It also includes the OHSC, and some of the promo material it came with (an Ibanez catalog with the guitar - etc, can be seen in the pics). This is a very rare Ibanez guitar as there were only 50 total of them made (25 in an egg shell splatter, and 25 in white), it has an ebony board, 22 frets, was the first aanj Ibanez ever made, has a floyd rose with no fine tuners - as it has a regular nut and locking tuners to keep it in tune, a pair of humbuckers, three way switch, single volume and tone.

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