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Ibanez VM1 Guitar

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The Ibanez VM1, also known as the Ibanez Star-4, is a signature guitar model of American guitarist Vinnie Moore. It is the only Vinnie Moore series model Ibanez made. It only appears in the 1989 catalog but production presumably started as early as 1987.
The VM1 is based on the 1986 Roadstar model, a shape Ibanez abandoned for regular production models after 1987. It has an ebony fingerboard and DiMarzio pickups. Unique feature is the Edge II tremolo, a non-locking version of the original Edge. It was the first signature model featuring the All Access Neck Joint.
The VM1 was available in two finishes: white with a black pickguard and a more flashy "Splash" finish with a white pickguard.
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