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Ibanez Vinnie Moore Guitar

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Up for sale is a very cool, almost impossible to find in good condition 1980's Ibanez Vinnie Moore signature model guitar. I've heard only 25 of these were built but cannot be 100% sure. It's definitely a rare piece and it plays incredibly. This one remains in good shape and in very original condition. These guitars continue to climb in value as more and more collectors stash them away. If you hesitate and miss this one, it could be years before you see another...and it could cost you a lot more to get one then.

The guitar is in good condition, has a few dings and scrapes as most vintage guitars do. The neck and frets are fantastic however and this guitar is one of the best players in my collection. The non-fine tuning Edge trem has some wear on the ends but the knife edges are still functioning correctly. One of the pickups was swapped out but the replacement is a similar Dimarzio model. The original case is in pretty good condition with all latches intact and working perfectly.

You can see additional pictures of my guitar collection featuring almost 140 EVH Music Man, rare Ibanez, USA Jackson Custom Shop, Peavey Wolfgang, and USA Charvel Custom Shop guitars

Email me with any questions and I'll be glad to answer. No disappointments!!! 

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