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Suhr Guthrie Govan Signature Model

Rare Electric Guitar

Guthrie Govan's extreme virtuosity and stunning versatility require an instrument that excels at many different things. Whether Guthrie is alternate-picking shred lines at breakneck speeds, comping with jazz chord melodies, tapping with 8 fingers for fusion legato runs or strumming hard on a techno-funk tune, he needs a guitar that feels comfortable and sounds great for each style and every type of technique employed.


Drawing from the features of his main Suhr guitar of the past 4 years (the Cherry Burst Mahogany body and neck Standard) and the 24-fret Modern which he had been playing almost exclusively through 2008, Suhr worked with Guthrie in developing the one ultimate axe that can cover all of his stylistic bases and do so without any compromises whatsoever. The result is the new Guthrie Govan Signature Model - tricked out for maximum versatility, exceptional playability, and amazing sounds that are warm and full yet clear and punchy.

The versatility and playability on this Suhr Guthrie Govan is unbelievable. The set neck construction combined with the deeply carved out lower horn allows for all the frets to be reached without strain, and the satin finish makes everything very smooth. The tone knob is a push pull pot which allows for splitting the neck humbucker. One of the coolest features on this instrument is the push button near the volume knob, which reverts the guitar back to the bridge humbucker at full volume, essentially giving you two radically different sounds at the push of a button in one guitar.
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