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Every Prince fan knows that Prince’s favorite guitar is a telecaster. From the beginning of his career to his latest concerts, you can always see him play this flamed maple tele with maple neck and matching leopard print strap.
In the 70′s, Prince (not being famous yet) bought a Hohner telecaster. There are rumors that he bought this guitar since the pick guard matched perfectly with leopard strap he already had.
Originally a German brand specialized in harmonica’s, also moved into the guitar business buying guitars from Japanese factories in the 70′s. During the NAMM show in 1972, a telecaster was shown by a brand called H.S. Anderson. The brand name is just a name made up (although there
is an American wood sculpturer known by this name) but the guitar excelled in building quality and playability. The guitars under this brand came
from the ‘Morris’ factory which built for a lot of brands. They still exist building high quality acoustic instrument.
Prince owns a couple of original Hohners (at least two) but the guitars he plays now are built by luthiers. It’s a known fact that he ordered (already years ago) three exact replica’s from luthier Roger Sadowsky. Exact copies, even the Hohner logo’s are correct.
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