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The Hohner Telecaster was manufactured by the Moridaira Musical Instrument company (Morris) and was sold under the brand of H.S. Anderson.

In 1984, after Prince made the guitar famous, Hohner re-released the telecaster manufactured by the Korean factory "Cort". The first re-release was called "The Prinz" and featured Tele style headstocks with the normal smooth contours but with a logo which was different from the original.
Hohner again released a Prince style Tele in 1990 which they called the "TE Prinz" model. Fender prohibited the builing of the Tele with the Fender Headstock so the "TE Prinz" design the Hohner Headstock.
Hohner released again in 2008, 2 models to their line of electric guitars, the HTA490 "The Artist." and the Artist Elite.
“We’ve made a few improvements to the electronics, and some very minor cosmetic changes to differentiate the new model,” said Rick Gagliano, fretted division Product Manager. “This instrument echoes all of the classic tonalities made famous on recordings since the early eighties."
The guitar features a soft rock maple body, flame maple top in Honey Amber finish with a compound radius maple neck and maple fretboard. It is accented with "Tortise Shell" pickguard, bridge guard and headstock overlay and chrome hardware. The guitar has a string-through-body design, a Strat-style bridge with individual adjustable saddles, Tesla VR-1 Single Coil Alnico pickups at the bridge and neck and Wilkinson "mini" style 18:1 high ratio tuners.
Hohner also offer a higher-end model of the guitar called The Artist Elite that is handbuilt in the CzechRepublic by Hans Waldermeir. The Elite features a swamp ash body, one-piece maple neck/fretboard and handwound Häussel pickups.
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