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Hohner Telecaster guitar

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Prince started using this Hohner Telecaster guitar in 1980. Its unmistakable funk rhythm sound has graced just about every Prince recording since. You will be amazed when you take into account the fact that this guitar is just a cheap ‘off the shelf’ model.

Originally made in
Germany, the Hohner guitars were a cheap alternative to Fenders & Gibsons. Prince fell in love with its quirky looks and honking funk tone and has never let it out of his sight for long. He has several of these guitars, most of which have had the necks replaced over the years due to the fact that he has worn them out!

Even some of the guitars with replaced necks are starting to look worn – a clear indication of just how much Prince loves these guitars.

The Hohner follows the basic Telecaster design:

25 ½” scale length, 2 single coil pickups and a fixed bridge. The funky sound of this guitar owes a lot to the way the body is constructed. The majority of the body, apart from a strip of walnut down the middle is maple. The front and back are made from bookmatched maple (bookmatching is the process of splitting the wood down the middle and opening it up like a book in order to achieve a symmetrical pattern on both pieces) with the maple/walnut/maple sandwich in the middle (sounds delicious, doesn’t it?!).

The guitar had fake tortoiseshell binding on the front & back and two ‘leopard print’ plates on the front –one for the pickguard and a smaller one around the bridge pickup. A standard ‘Fender’ chrome control panel with a 3-way switch, volume & tone control also featured

Maple is a very dense wood and if you have ever played a Hohner Telecaster (or another maple-bodied guitar), you will appreciate just how heavy it can be. Dense wood makes for good tone in the world of guitars – something which the Hohner has in abundance.


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