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Ibanez Korina Flyng V

Rare Electric Guitar


This is a 1974 Ibanez Korina flyng V (lawsuit model). The guitar is ultra rare and are hardly ever seen on Ebay. It plays excellent with low action and has very little fret-ware that I can see. This is a CRUSHING sounding V and blows away the sound and tone of the newer stuff being produced today. Comes with a non original hardcase. 

The overall condition of the guitar is a solid VG+ to EX. It plays like a dream. It’s set up low and fast (with Dean Markley 9′s) and the sound and tone is amazing. There are a few items that need to be disclosed and addressed.

The neck had a minor crack behind the fingerboard that was expertly repaired by Dan. It is hardly noticeable and does not affect play or tone in any form. The tuners are not original and have been replaced at some time years ago, and keep the thing in perfect tune at all times, almost as well as a locking system, I was very surprised.


Do you want to own a guitar like this, pls contact us freely. Thx!!!


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