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I have here a 70's Ibanez Flying V '58 style. It is a super nice guitar that has unfortunately suffered a break where the neck meets the body. This was before I got it, and it looks like it wasn't glued back at the proper angle, as it has pretty much no tilt. 

This guitar is a exceptionally clean condition late 1976 Ibanez Korina Flying V Rocket Roll Sr. It was built in Japan during Ibanez' golden age of the late 70's. Not rare, but somewhat uncommon. Exceptionally rare in this condition! 
The fretboard edge has some very minor marks here and there that won’t show up in picks. The grain on the neck is fantastic with a lot of flame, and even more rare, lots of BIRDSEYE on the back of the neck! A rare added bonus for an early Ibanez neck. Comes with original case which still shines its original plush lining and will be nicely and securely packaged for safe shipment. Case stitching and tolex are in nice condition with only a few pinky nail sized nicks in the tolex.
Has nice 70 Ibanez slim C shaped neck. But not super-skinny as is common with Ibanez necks, and fits nicely in your hand. It's a hair under 13/16" thick at first fret, 7/8" at the 7th and a hair under 15/16" at the 12th. This is measured to the fret board. The tallness of the frets adds a bit more to the feel of the necks thickness when added to the overall listed thickness.

It plays like a dream with low non-buzzing action.  Neck is obviously straight and truss rod works flawlessly.  Tuners keep guitar in tune. 
More info about thekind of guitar, pls contact us.

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