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Ibanez korina Flying V guitar

Rare Electric Guitar

I got this guitar gift 10 years ago, it is in very good condition with minor scratches everywhere... The Ibanez Flying V guitar is a Japanese copy of a Gibson 58 Korina Flying V, which they made from 1975 to 1977. The Ibanez Rocket Roll is an amazing guitar, and is allegedly still available new for around 1000 dollars and no Gibson is able to compete against it at that price point.


The frets of the guitar have at least 80% life left on them. Neck adjusts nicely and plays with super low non-buzzing action. Has a nice 70's Ibanez slim C shaped neck but not super-skinny as is common with Ibanez necks, and fits nicely in your hand. The sound is absolutely fantastic, long sustain... words can't describe it. It is professionally set up so the neck was adjusted to the proper relief specifications as was the string height, pickup height. Stays in tune forever and intonation is set as well. Humbuckers and potentiometers cavity have been screened with copper foil.
The neck humbucker is mounted directly to the guitar body. The guitars come in high quality soft case and a leather strap. If the payment is made by bank transfer, the price may be low. This guitar can be played also by installments but it won’t be shipped until all the payments are completed. All the payments must be made within a month. Thank you for your interest.
More info, pls contact us freely. Thx.

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